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Save the environment or save money? Most people see this question as an either / or proposition, but in fact, you can do both. Solar power and other clean energy systems allow home and business owners to reduce their environmental impact and save on their energy bills. Today, clean energy technologies – like solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, small wind, geothermal and combined heat and power – have matured to the point where almost any building –residential or commercial – can install a system and reap financial savings and, in some cases, even generate income. So, if these are the facts, why aren’t more people rushing out to install clean energy systems? The major stumbling block is that people just aren’t aware of the financial benefits these systems can provide.

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That’s why we created EnergySage.com. On EnergySage.com, we help you to determine what clean energy system is right for you. We provide you with objective, comprehensive information and actionable advice to help you find appropriate, cost-effective clean energy products and services that are specific to your individual needs. What makes us different from other clean energy sites is our approach. Rather than focusing exclusively on the environmental benefits, we also look at clean energy from a financial point of view. We emphasize the returns on investment and the financial benefits clean energy systems can provide. We’re still going to show you how geothermal systems work, the relative benefits of solar photovoltaic systems versus small wind turbines, and just exactly what solar thermal systems are. We’re still going to provide you with the facts, figures and tools you will need to determine the right technology for you. The difference is that we’re also going to give you the facts, figures and tools you will need to know which system makes the most financial sense for you.

We have compiled the industry’s largest database of manufacturers / brands, installers / contractors, lenders, and leasing companies. Everything you need including indispensable analytical tools can be found on EnergySage.com. Pore over information about clean energy systems, find out which one is best suited to your goals and your property, sort through brands, read installer profiles, check out other consumer’s ratings and reviews of their work, and find financing for your project with multiple quotes. EnergySage makes it possible to do everything you need to do in one place. Moreover, when you join EnergySage you’ll be joining a community of fellow clean energy enthusiasts – individuals like you who are eager to discuss clean energy, ask questions, and share answers and experiences.

Green homes. Green businesses. Green Wallets. Green Community. That is what EnergySage is about.


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