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Vivint Solar reviews: what homeowners are saying about America’s third-largest solar installer

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There are thousands of solar companies across the country, from small local businesses to national-scale solar companies, and millions of customer reviews as a result. The third-largest solar company in the U.S., operating in 21 states across the country, is Vivint Solar.

If you’re considering installing solar, there’s a good chance you’ve spoken to a Vivint salesperson or know someone who has. We’ve reviewed hundreds of customer reviews about Vivint Solar to provide our take so that you can assess them when comparing their company to smaller, local solar installers – many of which provide competing solar quotes on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace.

Vivint Solar company overview

Vivint Solar was founded in 2011 as an offshoot of Vivint, a smart home services company headquartered in Lehi, Utah that made its name in the door-to-door sales of home security systems. Vivint Solar is a public company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol VSLR. Most Vivint Solar customers sign a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) with the company, but Vivint also offers customer ownership options.

Vivint Solar’s parent company primarily offers smart security systems and home automation technologies. In addition to installing solar panel systems, Vivint Solar recently partnered with Mercedes Benz to offer Mercedes energy storage products in select states.


Vivint Solar reviews: aggregates from around the web

The first step to reviewing Vivint is to examine what other shoppers across the country are saying about the national-scale installer. Below is a table that features aggregate satisfaction ratings for Vivint Solar from various review websites*. 

Vivint Solar reviews from around the web

Review SiteRating*Total number of reviews
BestCompany.com6.2 (out of 10)756
Consumer Affairs3.5 (out of 5)594
HighYa1.5 (out of 5)30

*Note: we did not include any third party websites that had less than 15 reviews of Vivint Solar. These review counts are accurate as of January 2019. 

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Positive feedback from past Vivint Solar customers

To begin, we reviewed the positive trends and themes from Vivint Solar’s various reviews. Below is a summary of the most consistent feedback we found from happy customers, plus relevant examples for each trend.

Salespeople are friendly and work with customers to help them through the process 

Most solar-interested homeowners are exploring installation options for the first time, which means they are learning along the way. Vivint Solar got high marks from reviewers for their friendly sales staff, who worked with potential customers throughout the solar shopping process and answered all their questions. 

positive review

Source: Best Company

positive review

Source: Consumer Affairs

Solar installation staff is professional and courteous

Installing rooftop solar is a major home project, and it’s important to work with a company whose staff is professional and polite to customers. Many reviews highlighted these traits in Vivint’s installation crew.

positive vivint solar review

Source: Consumer Affairs

Vivint Solar complaints: what the unhappy customers are saying

We’ve covered some of the reviewers’ most positive experiences going solar with Vivint Solar, but not every review is a positive one. Any large company like Vivint Solar is bound to garner some negative reviews. However, a close read of their reviews shows that there are some consistent complaints from consumers as a whole. We’ve aggregated the most common discrepancies so you know what to look out for.

Sales representatives can make misleading statements to potential customers

While many Vivint Solar customers expressed satisfaction with their sales representatives, there were also reviewers who complained about Vivint Solar’s sales staff. The trend across all of these reviews was the same: sales reps made misleading statements to homeowners in order to close the sale, often without fully communicating the level of commitment involved.

negative vivint review

Source: Better Business Bureau

negative customer review

Source: Best Company

Once your Vivint Solar system is installed, it can be difficult to reach customer service 

For many Vivint Solar customers, installation is just the beginning of their relationship with the company. Customers who install solar with Vivint often sign a 20-year contract to buy power from the company. While many reviewers reported positive experiences with sales staff and installation teams, customer service after the installation was often lacking.

negative review

Source: Better Business Bureau

The ultimate takeaway: get multiple solar quotes to make the smartest decision possible

Each individual homeowner is going to have a unique experience with Vivint Solar. And like any large purchase, the more quotes you receive, the more educated of a decision you can make. At EnergySage, we encourage all solar shoppers to make as informed of a decision as possible. This information comes from both the testimony of other shopper reviews, as well as from getting and comparing multiple quotes.

To read the testimonies of other shoppers, you can check out the websites we used in this article, including YelpConsumerAffairs, Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and HighYa. You can also check out the thousands of solar company reviews we have aggregated on EnergySage.

Another way to ensure that your solar offer is fair (whether its from Vivint Solar or another solar company) is to compare it against other competing offers. When you register on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, you can upload quotes you have already received from solar companies like Vivint Solar, and easily compare them side-by-side to other installers in your area.

Regardless of which solar company you ultimately select, we recommend that all homeowners thoroughly read their final solar agreement to ensure that they understand the specifics before signing a binding contract.


14 thoughts on “Vivint Solar reviews: what homeowners are saying about America’s third-largest solar installer

  1. Jose

    Last May 7 2018 signed it’s June 2019 it was 5 months to have the work completed salesman got fired haven’t been able to communicate and now what’s going on if I could give them a 5 star minus they will get very unprofessional ethics don’t get trapped stay away from this company

  2. Solar Nerd

    Please do a similar review of Tesla, Sunrun, and Trinity Solar. Would like to know how the big 4 stack up

  3. Teresa

    I would never ever recommend vivent solar to anybody unless you are ok with being scammed. They came to me with a real sweet deal something you couldn’t possibly let go. But it was all lies for the first I was paying a guesstamation. Because they pannels we’re not sending any signals, then to hey told me they would remburse me if they went ovet. They never did I was paying the same with my electric company as with them. They told me that if for any reason I was unhappy they would remove them I called to get them removed and they tell me I had to have for a year and a half by a very rude representative. Long story short they now tell me they won’t remove them unless I have another home to move them to an I have to pay $500 to move the when they had told me it was free. I haven’t used they pannels in over 6 months and they still charging me a service I cut. They are a scam they lie to you an they are a horrible company I do not recommend them.

  4. Edward James

    Do not purchase solar panels from this company. They are manipulate and lie to you in order to get there solar panels on your roof. Falsify the contract with someone else’s name other than the representative that spoke to you. Wish I had done my homework before purchaseing panels from them, all I did was create a new home for the pigeons on my roof. They will lie and tell you that will get all the approvals from your HOA, if you have one, but they will mislead you by telling you that, only to get the panels up, without getting the approvals first. The contract is pages long, but the use an Ipad to get you to sign on without full disclosure of the actual contract. My rep has suddenly disappeared, and another reps name is on the contract, whom I had never spoke to. Beware of this company. Do not purchase from Vivint Solar.

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