4 videos to watch to understand solar

4 videos for understanding the basics of solar energy

Just getting started on your solar project, and want to learn more about the technology? Here are four videos to watch to quickly learn the solar basics:

How do solar panels work?

At this point, you already know you can generate electricity from the sun, but do you know how exactly sunlight is converted to electricity coming out of your outlets? This video covers the most important components of a solar panel system, and how they work together to turn energy from the sun into usable electricity for your home or business:

Is my roof good for solar?

The first question many solar shoppers ask is whether or not their property is suitable for solar. Thankfully, you can install solar panels just about anywhere, though there are certain obstacles that may make your rooftop better than others for a solar panel system. The following video dives into the four main factors to consider when assessing your rooftop’s suitability for solar panels:

Where can you install solar panels?

While rooftop solar is the most common type of installation, there are other options if you can’t (or don’t want to) put a solar energy system on your roof. The next video describes some popular alternatives to rooftop solar installations:

How does net metering work?

Solar panels only generate electricity during daylight hours, so what happens if you mostly use electricity at night? Thanks to net metering policies, many states and utility companies across the country allow their solar customers to send excess solar electricity to the grid in exchange for bill credits, offsetting your electricity usage when the sun isn’t shining. This final video provides an overview of how net metering policies function:

Find more videos on EnergySage’s YouTube channel

You can find more videos to watch on EnergySage’s Youtube channel, where we cover solar topics from energy storage to solar roofs and everything in between. After watching these videos, if you’re ready for a quick estimate of how much you can save with solar on your own property, try our free-to-use, online Solar Calculator.

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  1. Callum Palmer

    Since it is usually sunny where I live, I’ve been looking at installing some solar panels. I really like the idea of net metering which means that if the panels generate a lot of power during the day, then any energy I don’t use is sent to the grid and I pay less for my energy bill. To me, that seems like a win-win situation.


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