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What are the top SunPower solar panels for sale in 2018?

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SunPower makes some of the most popular solar panels for sale in the U.S. in 2017, and for good reason: their products are some of the most efficient panels in the industry, they come with an industry-leading warranty, and many of their panels have a sleek, low-profile look.

Want to get SunPower solar panels for sale near you? Homeowners across the country receive SunPower offers from solar installers in their area on a daily basis on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, a solar shopping and quote comparison platform.

SunPower solar panels for sale: your best options

We’ve reviewed the top five SunPower panels for sale on EnergySage. The majority of these come from SunPower’s E-Series and X-Series, which you can read more about below.

Top 5 SunPower solar panels for sale on EnergySage in 2018

Panel ModelEfficiencyEnergySage Rating
SPR-X22-360-C-AC22.20%Premium Plus
SPR-X21-335-BLK21.10%Premium Plus
SPR-X22-36022.20%Premium Plus
SPR-X21-34521.50%Premium Plus

2018 solar quotes featuring SunPower on EnergySage typically are priced at $3.16/Watt to $4.26/Watt, with the average price coming in at $3.71/Watt (before accounting for any financial incentives like the federal tax credit for solar). The total cost of your SunPower installation will depend on the system size you need, as well as the specifics of your home and any local incentives. The table below uses EnergySage average prices for SunPower to give you a sense of installed costs.

SunPower solar panel system prices in 2018

System sizeAverage costLower rangeHigher range
5 kW$12,985$11,060$14,910
8 kW$20,776$17,696$23,856
10 kW$25,970$22,120$29,820

Note: these prices have already accounted for the 30 percent federal tax credit for solar.

SunPower solar panel options: E-Series, X-Series, and P-Series

SunPower has three main lines of solar panels for sale: the E-Series, X-Series and P-Series.

SunPower X-Series solar panels

Four out of the five top SunPower panels in quotes to homeowners and businesses on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace use panels from the X-Series, making it the most popular SunPower option on EnergySage.

sunpower x series for sale

The SunPower X21-335-BLK.

There are a total of six solar panels in the X-Series:

Every solar panel in the X-Series has received EnergySage’s Premium Plus rating – the highest rating possible for solar panels on the market. There are three primary reasons for this:

  1. Solar panels in the X-Series have efficiency ratings ranging from 20.3% to 22.2%, making them some of the most efficient solar panels on the market.
  2. SunPower’s X-Series solar panels perform particularly well in high-heat conditions and are rigorously tested during the manufacturing process.
  3. SunPower offers 25-year product warranties on all of its solar panels, including the X Series. The company has a similarly strong production warranty for its panels, guaranteeing that every X-Series panel will be producing at no less than 92% of its original capacity after 25 years of operation.

SunPower E-Series solar panels

While the E-Series as a whole is not as popular as the X-Series on EnergySage, the E-Series panel SPR-E20-327 is the most frequently quoted SunPower panel to EnergySage users.

sunpower e series for sale

The SunPower SPR-E20-327.

There are a total of seven panels in this series:

All of the panels in the E-Series have earned EnergySage’s Premium rating – a step down from Premium Plus, but still well above Standard-rated panels in the market. E-Series panels are highly efficient (with efficiency ratings from 19.1% to 20.4%), and they come with the same strong SunPower warranties. However, their performance in high-heat conditions isn’t quite as good as the X-Series.

SunPower Performance Series (P-Series) solar panels

SunPower’s third solar panel line is the P-Series, or Performance Series. These panels are primarily designed for large-scale commercial use.

sunpower p series for sale

The SunPower SPR-P17-350-COM.

There are six panels in the Performance Series:

  • SPR-P17-350-COM
  • SPR-P17-345-COM
  • SPR-P17-340-COM
  • SPR-P17-335-COM
  • SPR-P17-330-COM
  • SPR-P17-355-COM

Panels in the Performance Series have earned EnergySage’s Standard Plus rating. Their efficiency ratings are in line with industry averages (16% to 17.2%), and they don’t offer the same level of performance in hot weather. However, as with all other SunPower panels, they come with a strong product warranty.

Selecting the right SunPower panels for your home or business

There is no single solar panel on the market that works for everyone. If you’re considering installing solar on your home or business, SunPower can be a great option thanks to its strong warranties and reputation for above-average performance.

However, the best fit for your needs depends on your priorities, whether you’re seeking a low-cost system, one that offers exceptional performance and warranties, or one that uses sleek all-black solar panels.

Comparing multiple offers from installers in your area can help you zero in on the right option for you. You can register on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace to easily find quotes from local installers at no cost to you, including companies that exclusively offer SunPower solar panels.


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