The Best Way to Buy Solar

financial value pt2If you want to get the best deal on anything, you need to shop around! We’ll show you all the things you need to consider when you’re shopping around for a solar energy system.

Choose A Solar Installer

When you choose a solar installer there are a number of things to consider: certifications, licenses, experience and track record in the market. The best installers will offer warranties on their work, use subcontractors sparingly, but (most importantly) they will be a trusted advisor on your path to going solar? How do you find an excellent solar advisor? EnergySage has curated a list of questions to ask your potential installers.

Know the Equipment That’s a Part of Your Grid System

There are three main parts of your solar energy system: A mounting system, and inverter and the panels. Some systems also include a monitoring system to see how much power you’re producing. As the price of solar storage batteries falls, more people are also choosing to install a battery in their system.


The Best Way to Pay for Your Solar Energy System

Like a house, you can buy or rent your solar energy system, and the benefits and responsibilities are much the same.

  • Buying Your Solar Energy System When you buy your solar energy system all of the savings come directly to you. Buying a solar energy system also allows you to take advantage of all of the incentives that help to lower the total price of your solar energy system.
  • Third party Ownership of Your Solar Energy System If a third party owns your solar energy system, you’ll make monthly payments to them for using the power the solar energy system provides you. There are two basic arrangements for third party ownership: a lease and a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Generally with a lease, you make a fixed monthly payment, regardless of the power you consume. With a PPA you pay the owner for the amount of power you use on a monthly basis, much like your utility.

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