tesla referral program review

How the Tesla referral program works: rewards for solar, Model S, and Model X customers

Tesla’s referral program offers incentives to its customers for referring their friends and family to the company. Now that Tesla has acquired SolarCity, the country’s largest solar installer, the leading cleantech company’s referral program includes rewards for referring solar customers as well as car buyers. Whether you purchased a Tesla electric vehicle (EV) or Tesla solar panels, you can earn rewards when your friends buy Tesla cars or go solar with Tesla.

The referral program features incentives both for the person referring their friends and for the person using the referral code. These rewards change frequently – typically every two to three months, as new “rounds” of the program open. Orders for this round must be placed by July 15, 2018 to be counted. Only Model S and Model X orders are eligible, and your referral code can only be used five times. Here’s the rundown of all the rewards available through Tesla’s referral program starting May 1, 2018.

Tesla referral program rewards for cars

If you use someone’s referral code to buy a new Tesla Model S or Model X, you get a compelling incentive: free, unlimited charging at Tesla Supercharging stations across the country, plus a $700 credit towards service or vehicle accessories. If someone uses your referral code to place a car order with Tesla, you’re also eligible for a reward. Referral rewards for Tesla cars differ based on the number of customers you successfully refer to Tesla.

One to two referrals: For each of your first two referrals, you can choose between a special black Wall Connector charging cable (etched with Elon Musk’s signature) or a special miniature drivable electric Model S for kids.

tesla referral program reward wall connector
The Wall Connector reward for the Tesla referral program.

Three referrals: In addition to the rewards you received for your first and second referrals, for your third referral, you receive an “early access token” that gives you priority scheduling for the Tesla solar roof.

Four referrals: If you refer four customers, you can get exclusive wheels for your Model S or Model X, or take a new Tesla for a week-long test drive.

Five referrals: Once you refer five customers to Tesla, you’ll receive a Founders Series Powerwall 2 home battery along with the rewards for your first four referrals. The red Founders Series battery, which is etched with Elon Musk’s signature, isn’t available to the public – it’s only available as part of the referral program. In addition to your other referral rewards, customers who successfully refer five friends to Tesla receive an invitation to Tesla’s next official unveiling event.

tesla referral program reward powerwall 2
The Founders Series Powerwall 2 for referral program participants.

Tesla Energy referral program rewards for solar

Now that Tesla has acquired SolarCity, the former SolarCity Ambassador program has been folded into Tesla’s referrals. Previously, participants in the Ambassador program received $200 for every new customer referred to SolarCity. If you signed up with SolarCity using a referral code you received a month of solar power for free.

The rewards for the solar component of Tesla’s referral program are relatively simple. If you install solar using someone’s referral code, you receive a five-year extended warranty on your new system (this excludes the Tesla solar roof.)

For each of the first four people you successfully refer to Tesla Energy, you receive either $400 in cash or $750 in Tesla credit, which can be used toward new Tesla products or accessories.

For the fifth person you refer, you receive the special red Founders Series Powerwall 2 backup battery etched with Elon Musk’s signature.

Other referral programs for solar

Tesla is the only carmaker that offers referral rewards at the manufacturer level, although some automotive dealerships also operate referral programs. However, Tesla isn’t the only company that offers rewards for solar customer referrals. National solar companies Sunrun and Vivint offer cash payments for referring customers. Many local solar installers will also encourage their customers to refer friends and family in exchange for a financial incentive.

EnergySage, the online marketplace for solar, offers the EnergySage Solar Rewards program to encourage referrals among its users. Instead of referring your friends and family to a specific solar company, EnergySage’s referral program helps shoppers compare all of their options in one place, and find the best solar installer for their needs. Once they go solar on EnergySage, the referrer receives $250. There is no limit to how many times the EnergySage Solar Rewards program can be utilized.

Because the EnergySage Solar Marketplace connects people shopping for solar energy systems with local installers in their area, recommending EnergySage means you’re not just promoting one company, one technology, or one financing option. EnergySage customers typically save $2,000 to $5,000 on their solar installation, as compared to customers of large-scale solar installers like Tesla/SolarCity and Sunrun.