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Tesla Wall Connector

The Tesla Wall Connector home EV charger complete review

If you’ve bought an electric vehicle (recently or are considering one, you’re not alone! And while there are many more options, Tesla still dominates electric vehicle (EV) sales with 75 percent of the market share. While there is a network of Tesla charging stations throughout the U.S., having a charger at home allows you to more efficiently and quickly charge your Tesla while managing and monitoring your charging and energy usage. (Bonus: if you have solar, you can power your car with the sun!) 

The Tesla Wall Connector (also known as the Tesla home charger) is the only Tesla-specific home EV charger for charging your Model 3, Model S, Model X, or Model Y (though you can use other home EV chargers with an adapter). In this article, we’ll cover the Tesla Wall Connector’s features – including price, charging speed, pros and cons, and more – so you can decide if you want a Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector to charge your Tesla at home.

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