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Going solar, power outages, electric vehicles, and more with Our Ludicrous Future

In Our Ludicrous Future, a video podcast, Tim Dodd, Joe Scott, and Ben Sullins discuss exciting new technology hitting the clean energy industry. In this episode, you’ll learn about technology spanning across solar, battery storage, electric vehicles (EVs), and energy independence. In this article, we’ll explain some of the highlights of what you’ll see (and hear) in this episode.

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matt ferrell

Does solar pay off? Matt Ferrell’s experience four years later on Undecided

If you’re worried that solar may not have the payoff you’re expecting, this Undecided episode by Matt Ferrell might help you understand the potential! In the video, Matt takes a look at his solar panels four years later to see if they are really worth it. Spoiler alert: They are!

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