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Solar Energy News: Solar Impulse Makes Iconic Descent into Abu Dhabi; New Research Reveals Solar Benefitting Entire State of MA; Investors Reforming Chernobyl Site with Solar Power

solar impulse arrives in abu dhabi

The hottest month of the summer is slowly coming to an end, but the momentum around solar power is still just heating up. News of Solar Impulse’s completed flight around the world, a plan to reform and reinvigorate Chernobyl with solar production and new research on the benefits of solar for all ratepayers are the pivotal headlines that we’re highlighting in this week’s Solar Energy News report.

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Solar Energy News: Floating Solar Arrays Gain Popularity, A New Record for Cheapest Solar Price, Homeowners Shifting Away From Solar Leasing

floating solar array solar energy news EnergySage

Another active and exciting week in the solar power industry has come and gone with several exciting headlines left to show for it. A new record for the lowest solar price, a significant development in floating solar technology, and $25 million in funding from the DOE to promote grid modernization are three key headlines from this week’s Solar Energy News Report.
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