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Sungage Loan Review

Sungage Financial zero fee loan review

Solar loans are a very popular way to pay for a new solar or solar plus storage system, since they are a great way to take advantage of the benefits of solar ownership–from tax incentives to increased home value–without requiring you to have the cash on hand to pay for the full system up front. What’s more, many solar-specific loans offer low, fixed interest rates and flexible payment terms, helping you to find the monthly payment that’s right for you. However, a low interest rate (or APR) comes with a caveat: a low APR often means a high cost to borrow money. That cost or fee to borrow money is passed on to your installer, or even built into the overall cost of the project, making a tradeoff between the lowest monthly payment (i.e., low APR) and the lowest project cost (i.e., lowest cost to borrow money). 

Recently, Sungage Financial, one of the most popular solar loan providers on EnergySage, launched a zero fee solar loan to keep your solar project costs as low as possible. Here’s what that means for solar shoppers like you.

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sungage financial review

Sungage Financial solar loans: the complete review

Solar loans are the fastest growing method of financing a solar panel installation. Across the country, the majority of new solar installations are purchased with either a cash purchase or through a solar loan. Sungage Financial, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a popular financier in the residential solar industry. If you’re comparing solar quotes from a few different solar installers, you may have received a loan option from Sungage. Here’s what you need to know about Sungage and their products.

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Q&A with Sungage Financial

When making the switch to solar, many EnergySage shoppers end up financing their installation with a loan from Sungage Financial. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Sungage currently provides financing solutions through their partner installer network in 33 states and Washington D.C. EnergySage conducted a Q&A with Mike Gilroy, Sungage CEO, to learn more about their company, what customers should consider when choosing a solar loan, and how they differ from other specialized solar lenders.

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