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Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall: how much of my house can I run on it–and for how long?

If you’re in the market for a Tesla Powerwall, or any solar battery, your biggest question is likely, “how much of my house can I run using this battery, and for how long?” While the answer depends on a number of factors specific to your household’s energy use, we’ve outlined some steps you can take to make an estimation. 

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how long do solar batteries last

How long do solar batteries last?

Most people who install energy storage do so for the resiliency benefit: they’re looking specifically for backup power in the event of an emergency. That particular ability is what makes storage such an enticing purchase and an increasingly frequent pairing with solar. But the value of resiliency depends on how long you expect–or need–to run your home, leading to one main question: how long do solar batteries last? 

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Panasonic EverVolt 2.0 review

The Panasonic EverVolt 2.0 complete review

Panasonic is one of the world’s largest battery cell manufacturers and made their foray into the energy storage industry in 2019 when they launched the original Panasonic EverVolt. In November 2021, they announced a new addition to their battery lineup: the EverVolt 2.0. While Panasonic will continue to sell models of the original EverVolt, the EverVolt 2.0 comes with new features, including a different lithium-ion battery chemistry, larger available sizes, and an outdoor rating. 

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adding a solar battery

Should I install a solar battery now, or add it later?

Energy storage is the rising star of renewable energy. And with this popularity comes an increasingly common question: should I install a battery with my solar panel system now? Or, should I wait and add one later on? In this article, we’ll dive into some of the most important factors to consider when making that decision.

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Enphase Energy System Configurations

The Enphase Energy System: what are its four configurations?

One question that homeowners commonly ask during the solar installation process is whether they can power their homes with just solar panels in the event of an outage – typically the answer is no, you’ll also need storage for a safe and reliable setup that can keep the lights on. However, Enphase made headlines in October 2021 with the announcement of a new configuration of the Enphase Energy System which is, in fact, capable of providing off-grid functionality to homeowners without storage installed (with a few caveats). 

In a two-part series, we’re explaining everything you need to know about the Enphase Energy System. In part one, we discussed the components that make up the Enphase Energy System. In this article (part two of our series) we’ll explain how the components can be configured into different setups: you can choose from four different configurations, depending on the level of backup you want or need.

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blue planet blue ion HI battery review

The Blue Planet Energy Blue Ion HI complete review

Blue Planet Energy is a US-based battery manufacturer on a mission to eliminate the use of carbon-based fuels while powering the world with reliable, affordable, clean energy. Their Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) batteries boast safety and are backed by leading warranties, making them compelling products for anyone looking to install a battery system. Their newest product, the Blue Ion HI, is a powerful, safe, and sleek battery system built in the USA that pairs well with solar panel systems.

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panasonic evervolt review

The Panasonic EverVolt home battery complete review

In 2019, Panasonic, one of the world’s largest battery cell manufacturers, officially launched their own residential battery storage product: the EverVolt. A scalable storage system with both AC and DC-coupled configurations, the EverVolt can provide plenty of back-up energy for your home in the event of a grid outage, especially when paired with a solar panel system.

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lg resu prime review

The LG RESU Prime complete review

LG is one of the biggest names in energy storage. Their original battery, the RESU, is one of the most popular models in the industry. Now, their newest model–RESU Prime–is out; it’s a fully integrated energy storage system that includes an inverter and smart energy management software at a more compact size than the original. If you have solar on your property and install a home battery like the RESU Prime, you can store excess solar electricity to use later in the day or during power outages. As a result, properties with solar-plus-storage can increase their total monthly savings in certain markets.

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Peak demand

What is peak demand and how can you reduce it?

The electricity grid is designed to provide reliable electricity service to all homes and businesses at all times of year. To ensure that whenever you flip a switch in your home that the electricity turns on, the grid has to both produce enough electrons to match the electricity that everyone is using throughout the course of the year as well as enough to power everything that’s turned on at the same time. That second ability–making sure there’s enough power to go around at the times when it’s most needed–is peak demand.

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