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Energy monitors overview

What you need to know about energy monitors

Electricity is expensive – and finding ways to cut your usage can save significant money down the line! One way homeowners are starting to take their energy management into their own hands is through energy monitors, devices that provide insight into how much energy you’re using, and when you’re using it. With this information, you can adjust your behavior and ultimately cut down on your electricity costs, all while helping the environment. In this article, we’ll explain some things to consider when evaluating energy monitors. 

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New Span Panel

Span’s new Smart Panel and goals for an electric future

From cost savings, to grid resiliency, to reducing carbon footprint, the benefits of electrification are attracting more and more homeowners every day. If you’re a homeowner considering electrifying part–or all–of your home, you might be thinking about upgrading your current electrical panel. Span is a company looking to provide you with a modernized electrical panel that includes smart controls and monitoring of your electricity usage. Their new Smart Panel offers upgrades and cost savings compared to their previous model, and could be a good investment for you, whether you’re looking to install solar, storage, or fully electrify your home!

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LG & Sense

Breaking down the LG Solar and Sense partnership

In May 2021, LG Solar and Sense announced their new partnership with the goal of empowering homeowners to make smarter energy decisions. LG has long been a household name due to their high-quality electronics and their subsidiary, LG Solar, has been no different. LG Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar panels with two residential series: the NeON 2 and the NeON R. 

Sense entered the energy space in 2016 with the launch of their Home Energy Monitor. Their energy monitoring system provides you with insights about your energy usage, allowing you to make informed decisions about what devices you’re powering and when you’re powering them. We sat down with LG Solar to learn a bit more about their new partnership, and its potential benefits. 

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