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Solar Power as a Retirement Investment Strategy

solar as a retirement investment strategy

Solar power is a smart retirement investment strategy for many homeowners.

Establishing a secure financial future for your retirement requires that you explore a variety of options, but most homeowners don’t realize that installing a solar panel system can be one of the smartest retirement investment options available. By viewing a home solar panel system as an investment opportunity, homeowners can reduce or even eliminate their electricity bills, freeing up more than $1,000 in cash each year. With the increased availability of $0-down solar loans, homeowners that lack the cash required for an upfront purchase can still take advantage of solar as a retirement investment strategy.

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Installing Solar: The Best Way to Invest $15k

Solar: the best way to investWhat if there was a way to diversify your investments and simultaneously gain a greater annual return with lower volatility? If you have $15k, installing a solar energy system on your rooftop is the best way to invest it. Solar provides a low-risk mix of cost savings and additional income, and portfolios that include solar can outperform a more standard investment portfolio.

Most American investors have similar goals for their portfolios. The average investor seeks to achieve the highest risk-adjusted returns as possible, and also include a mix of asset classes to protect against market fluctuations. With these goals in mind, recent advances in solar energy technology have effectively created a new ‘asset class’ for investors to consider. Investing in a solar energy system for your home can turn $15,000 into more than $115,000 over a 20-year period. We’ll walk you through the math.

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