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Solar system size

Comparing quotes: why are installers proposing different system sizes?

So you have a few quotes, sit down to evaluate them, and notice something right off the bat: installer A and installer B have proposed different sizes for your solar panel system. Why is this? And how can you truly compare apples-to-apples in this scenario?

In this article, we’ll review why this might happen – and what you can do about it!

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solar companies with manufacturer check mark

What to know about solar equipment manufacturer endorsements

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an installer, including experience, years in business, online reviews, licensing, and more. A lesser-known factor you may want to consider as you’re comparing one installer versus another is whether a solar company has received any manufacturer endorsements.

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understanding solar panel warranties

What to know about a solar panel warranty

Solar panel warranties protect your solar investment and are an important part of any solar installation. There are a few different kinds of warranties that keep your panels covered, and understanding both the differences between them and what products feature the best warranties is important to make sure you get the best deal for your solar energy system.

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solar o&m plan

Should you get a solar operations and maintenance (O&M) package?

For many, solar panel systems are mostly a “set it and forget it” investment, requiring very little maintenance over the 25+ years. However, if you’re looking for extra peace of mind, one upgrade to consider is a solar operations and maintenance (O&M) package. Simply put, O&M packages are essentially protection plans for your solar investment. You can think of them as a sort of “homeowner’s insurance” for your solar panels; if a tree falls on a portion of your house, a home insurance plan will likely cover a large portion of the repair costs –  the same is true of solar energy system repairs under O&M plans.

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advice from energysage installers

Case study: EnergySage solar installers share what they’ve learned during the coronavirus pandemic

The new reality of ‘remote selling’ is driving solar companies across the country to reevaluate their sales efforts and how they engage with potential customers. Consumer shopping behavior is changing quickly and is shifting to online platforms faster than ever as COVID-19 challenges traditional sales channels. 

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increasing solar costs after a site visit

Why did my cost to go solar increase after a site visit?

Many shoppers, especially those using EnergySage, receive all of their initial solar quotes online before ever having a company visit their property. Occasionally, we hear back from customers about instances where they received an original, online quote for one price and, after a site visit from the installation company, the price increased. What happened?

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review solar quotes

How to review solar quotes

So you’ve got a few solar quotes from different installers, each with different pricing, equipment and savings estimates – what’s next? With all the information available, comparing solar quotes can be overwhelming, but we’re here to make it as easy as possible. If you’re sitting down to review multiple solar quotes for the first time, here are the most important questions to ask yourself, and the factors to consider as you’re evaluating one solar quote against the another:

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solar jobs in the united states

Solar jobs: past, present, and future

Nationally and internationally, renewable energy technologies, and solar in particular, are taking off. Cities, states and countries are reaching previously unseen levels of renewable energy growth, with some even running exclusively on renewable energy. With this boom comes significant economic investment, which in turn leads to job creation. In fact, two recent studies detailed just how many solar jobs exist: nearly a quarter million in the US alone, and nearly 4.5 million globally.

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solar permitting and inspections

Solar permitting & inspections: an overview

Installing solar panels requires electrical and construction work. With this type of work comes safety concerns, and as such, your local government and utility company need to ensure that your solar energy system meets specific electrical and building codes before it goes live.

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