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What is a kilowatt-hour (kWh)? The difference between kWh and kw

what is a kilowatt-hour?

If you’ve been thinking about your energy costs lately, you may be looking into energy efficiency upgrades for your home such as installing solar panels, adding smart thermostats or pursuing an EnergyStar home certification. And when comparing various energy solutions and the prices for new options, you’re going to hear one metric used incessantly: kilowatt-hour (kWh). So what exactly does a kWh mean and how does it differ from a kilowatt (kW)?

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A Guide to Common Solar Energy Terms

solar energy terms and solar panel terminology energysage

EnergySage makes going solar as easy as booking a flight online with our tools for calculating your solar savings and comparing quotes from pre-screened solar installers. But shopping for solar can still feel like a confusing process with all of its new terminology. EnergySage has developed an index of solar energy terms to help you decode solar jargon and better understand your options.

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