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adding a solar battery

Should I install a solar battery now, or add it later?

Energy storage is the rising star of renewable energy. And with this popularity comes an increasingly common question: should I install a battery with my solar panel system now? Or, should I wait and add one later on? In this article, we’ll dive into some of the most important factors to consider when making that decision.

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Q&A with GoodWe

Q&A with GoodWe

Inverters are an integral part of all solar systems – and the options available to homeowners and business owners continue to expand. One such option is GoodWe, a leading manufacturer of solar and storage inverters globally, with almost 400,000 inverters currently online. GoodWe is a global company, with call centers spanning across eight separate countries. Recently, they entered the United States market, providing inverters for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar installations. To learn more about GoodWe and the products they offer, we asked them a series of questions – here’s what they had to say: 

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blue planet blue ion HI battery review

The Blue Planet Energy Blue Ion HI complete review

Blue Planet Energy is a US-based battery manufacturer on a mission to eliminate the use of carbon-based fuels while powering the world with reliable, affordable, clean energy. Their Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) batteries boast safety and are backed by leading warranties, making them compelling products for anyone looking to install a battery system. Their newest product, the Blue Ion HI, is a powerful, safe, and sleek battery system built in the USA that pairs well with solar panel systems.

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Sunpower SunVault Review

The SunPower SunVault storage system complete review

SunPower has always been known for its top-tier solar panels – now, they’re expanding their influence in the energy storage space. In 2019, the company launched their first home solar battery: the Equinox Storage system. Now rebranded as the SunVault Storage system, this battery and software solution, when paired with a SunPower Equinox solar panel system, enables you to keep your lights on during power outages and manage your home’s electricity use.

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panasonic evervolt review

The Panasonic EverVolt home battery complete review

In 2019, Panasonic, one of the world’s largest battery cell manufacturers, officially launched their own residential battery storage product: the EverVolt. A scalable storage system with both AC and DC-coupled configurations, the EverVolt can provide plenty of back-up energy for your home in the event of a grid outage, especially when paired with a solar panel system.

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powerpod 2 review

The Electriq PowerPod 2 complete review

Electriq Power is a San Leandro, California-based energy storage company that designs and engineers its storage systems in the United States. Electriq’s original product, the PowerPod 1, includes a battery, hybrid battery/solar inverter, home energy management system, and an energy meter. Their newest product, the PowerPod 2, has a different chemistry and upgraded technical specifications that build on their already impressive storage system.

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lg resu prime review

The LG RESU Prime complete review

LG is one of the biggest names in energy storage. Their original battery, the RESU, is one of the most popular models in the industry. Now, their newest model–RESU Prime–is out; it’s a fully integrated energy storage system that includes an inverter and smart energy management software at a more compact size than the original. If you have solar on your property and install a home battery like the RESU Prime, you can store excess solar electricity to use later in the day or during power outages. As a result, properties with solar-plus-storage can increase their total monthly savings in certain markets.

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sonnen ecolinx review

The sonnen ecoLinx home battery complete review

Battery maker sonnen’s “luxury” battery offering – the ecoLinx – is more than just an energy storage device: the ecoLinx syncs your entire property’s energy usage together to efficiently and intelligently manage how you use energy in your home, all without disrupting your lifestyle. Especially when combined with a solar energy system, the sonnen ecoLinx is a powerful and smart home energy management system. (Note: check out our review of sonnen’s other primary product line–the eco–here.)

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eguana storage system

The Eguana Evolve home battery complete review

Eguana is a 20-year-old battery company based out of Alberta. Their battery systems use the same reliable cores as LG Chem’s RESU line, so you know you’re getting tested quality and performance reliability in a home battery. One of their more recent products, the Eguana Evolve, is becoming an increasingly popular addition to solar panel systems across the country.

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