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sol systems q&a

Q&A with Sol Systems

If you’re a homeowner in a state with Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs), one decision to make as you’re installing a solar panel system is how to sell your SRECs.  There are a number of SREC aggregators who will sell your SRECs for you. One of the most popular of those companies that solar panel system owners elect to work with today is Sol Systems. EnergySage conducted a Q&A with Sol Systems to learn more about their company, what customers should consider when choosing an SREC aggregator, and how they differ from other SREC aggregators.

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sol systems srec review

Sol Systems review: what you need to know

Solar energy renewable certificates (SRECs) are some of the most attractive solar incentives available in the country. Many states with renewable portfolio standards (RPS) have special “solar carve-outs” that require a certain amount of a utility’s energy production to come from solar. In these states, utility companies meet the requirement by purchasing SRECs from people producing solar energy.

If you own a solar panel system in a state with an active SREC market, you’ll want to work with a third-party SREC aggregator or broker to sell the certificates to utilities on your behalf. There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing an SREC broker; one of the more popular options solar panel system owners elect to work with is Sol Systems.

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