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solar panel roof replacement

Roof replacement with solar panels

Solar panel systems will typically last around 30 to 35 years – and in that time, your solar panels will generate plenty of savings on your electric bills! These systems have very long lives, which leaves many homeowners wondering about the impact they will have on their roofs: how will the roof hold up over time? What happens if you have to replace your roof after installing solar? Should you just replace your roof at the same time you install solar panels? In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about replacing your roof when going solar.

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best roof material

What is the best roof material for solar panels?

If you’re thinking about going solar, your roof is probably top of mind. Rooftop solar installations are very popular – they’re typically cheaper than ground-mounted systems and maximize the available space on your property. But, whether your roof is a good fit for solar will depend on a few factors, with one of the most important being its material. Solar energy systems typically last 25 to 30+ years, so you need your roof to last long enough to support your system! In this article, we’ll explain what roof materials are best for solar panels.

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