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Arcadia Power community solar program review

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Community solar provides access to solar for residential electric customers who otherwise would not be able to install solar panels on their property. To date, though, community solar has not seen the same levels of adoption as residential rooftop solar. We conducted a Q&A with Arcadia Power to learn more about how their new community solar offering helps lower barriers to participation. 

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electriq powerpod 2 a&a

Q&A with Electriq: the PowerPod 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The energy storage industry is always evolving, generating new and improved battery options for homeowners each day. For an example of this, look no further than Electriq Power – this California-based energy storage company just released a new product called the PowerPod 2 that comes with some impressive upgrades to their original PowerPod product, such as lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry and improved storage duration. We recently sat down with Electriq to learn more about their newest offering, and what’s coming up next:

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