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new york battery incentives

Solar battery incentives in New York

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If you’re a New Yorker considering your solar battery options, you’re not alone: energy storage has become an increasingly popular purchase for homeowners interested in keeping their homes running during a grid outage. Fortunately, due to declining costs, federal tax credits, and–for Long Island homeowners–state incentives, solar batteries are more affordable than ever before. Here’s a quick rundown of the battery incentives currently available in New York:

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green jobs program new york

The Green Jobs – Green New York Program

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As clean energy policies and programs begin to stack up throughout the country, one major question remains relating to how states will use any revenues collected from policies like a carbon tax. Will they use the money to incentivize growth in renewable energy, to pay for retraining for employees of the fossil fuel industry, to redistribute as a credit to all taxpayers in the state, or for some other purpose altogether? The Green Jobs – Green New York program provides a great case study for a successful, long-lived program that effectively uses the revenue from a carbon tax to further the state’s economic growth and environmental actions. 

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New York State’s solar incentives are some of the best in the country

Reading Time: 2 minutesThese days, virtually every state in the USA has some kind of support program for rooftop solar energy systems. But you’re especially fortunate if you’re planning on going solar in New York State: your state has some of the most ambitious solar incentives in the country. Thanks to these incentives, solar has become a very attractive investment in New York. What are New York State’s solar incentives and how can you take advantage of them Continue reading

EnergySage Launches Local Solar Energy Marketplace for New York State

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NY_funfact 2 EnergySage announced today that it is expanding its presence to help consumers make well-informed and profitable decisions about solar panels in New York. Backed by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the EnergySage New York Solar Marketplace will enable residents to quickly research and compare solar options and obtain multiple price quotes from pre-screened solar installers. The marketplace will also provide New York’s solar installers access to a large pool of knowledgeable prospective clients, giving them the ability to reduce customer acquisition costs and efficiently grow their businesses. Continue reading

The Best Solar System Size for New York State

Reading Time: 3 minutesNY_3More and more New York State residents are making the decision to go solar to save money on their electricity bills. According to data from the New York Solar Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), most homes choose a system with a capacity of around 8 kilowatts (kW). What size solar energy system is right for you and your home? Continue reading