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Solar energy in the NFL in 2017: a solar powered Super Bowl LI

nrg stadium solar panels

There was a time when we asked, “Could the NFL Be Leading the Way in Renewable Energy?” We firmly believe that the more people are exposed to solar and other renewable energies in their daily lives, the more quickly these technologies can become part of the mainstream. Now, six years later, we’re happy to report that there is a definite proliferation of solar power use not only in the NFL, but in Major League Baseball and the NBA as well. More and more teams are recognizing the tremendous potential these systems have to save money, generate positive publicity, and reduce negative environmental impacts. Continue reading

Could the NFL Be Leading the Way in Renewable Energy?

There’s no doubt about it, the NFL is definitely big business and like every other business, it’s looking to control costs. As vocal advocates of the economics of clean energy, we aren’t surprised that many NFL franchises are turning to renewables to get the job done. Continue reading