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IKEA solar panels

What you need to know about IKEA’s solar business

Swedish furniture giant IKEA is already on the top of many people’s lists for furnishing a new apartment or home – they make those updates easy and accessible with furniture that allows you to DIY build everything from a bookshelf to a bed frame. Recently, IKEA has made the jump from home furnishings to rooftop solar through a partnership with SunPower. While this partnership won’t allow you to build your own solar system, it does promise to make solar accessible to IKEA customers. In the United States, this program is currently only available in California, and we’ll cover everything you need to know about it in this article. 

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inflation reduction act

What you should know about the Inflation Reduction Act

Over the past year, clean energy legislation has been a rollercoaster: one minute, we thought we’d reached an agreement, and the next, it seemed like the 177th Congress would never pass a climate bill. Finally, after a year of uncertainty, on August 16, 2022, President Biden signed into law the most significant investment in climate action to date – the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). In this article, we’ll explain how this bill could help you save through electrification, whether you’re a homeowner, renter, business owner, or running a nonprofit organization. 

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energy news 7/29/22

Energy news: July 29th, 2022

You probably don’t read about energy news quite as much as we do – but you might still know that it’s been a pretty good week for clean energy. In this week’s news roundup, we’ll discuss two exciting clean energy initiatives: a new bill that could provide big savings for those looking to go solar and a plan from the oval office to make solar more accessible for low-income families.

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Florida NEM bill

What’s happening with net metering in Florida? Breaking down House Bill 741

Colloquially referred to as the “Sunshine State,” Florida doesn’t disappoint: on average, about two-thirds of Florida days are sunny! Florida has risen to the top of solar states with its ample sunshine, coming in at third in the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)’s list of top 10 states with cumulative solar electric capacity installed through 2021. 

However, the Florida House and Senate just passed House Bill (HB) 741, which has the potential to damage Florida’s solar industry significantly. In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about HB 741 and what it could mean for you if you’re a Florida resident.

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LG Solar retirement

What you should know about LG exiting the solar industry

In February 2022, Korean electronic manufacturer LG Solar announced its plans to stop solar panel production at its 550 megawatt (MW) assembly plant in Huntsville, Alabama. Production at this facility began in 2018 and it’s currently one of the largest crystalline silicon solar panel manufacturing facilities in the U.S. While the news has shocked some in the industry, others say they’ve seen it coming – but why is LG Solar making this change? And what does it mean for you if you have LG solar panels?

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DC solar fees

DC solar fees: what’s happening with them?

Washington, DC, like many areas in the U.S., has some great incentives if you’re looking to go solar. Recently, however, some residents have received an unpleasant surprise after their installer submitted the permit application for their system: additional fees, which are noted to be necessary to update the grid in order for it to support solar in their area. In this article, we’ll break down these fees, reference some first-hand information from local DC installers, and share what you can ask and do if you learn of additional potential fees when looking to go solar in the DC area.

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