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air source heat pump

Eight questions to ask your heat pump contractor

Air source heat pumps are incredibly efficient for heating and cooling your home. However, installing a heat pump is a bit more complex than just installing a traditional HVAC system. So, finding a trusted heat pump contractor to walk you through the process and install your heat pump is critical. We’ve spoken with several heat pump contractors to learn about common questions homeowners ask about heat pumps. As you research and prepare for your air source heat pump installation, here are some key questions to ask your installer.

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mini split

What is a mini split?

A mini split is a type of air source heat pump – specifically, it’s a ductless HVAC system that offers highly efficient heating and cooling. A mini split heats and cools a specific zone or room in your home, enabling you to cost-effectively manage and maintain temperatures to your comfort levels by room. We’ll break down the details of mini splits, including their components, how they work, how much they cost, and how to know if they’re right for you.

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power outage cost

How much do power outages cost?

Experiencing a power outage is quite a nuisance. Power outages can be challenging to deal with, from disrupting your daily life to endangering your well-being – especially if they happen often. Notably, they can also cost you money, sometimes a great deal if they end up causing significant property damage. In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about power outages, how much they could be costing you, and ways to protect yourself against them. 

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