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How to avoid bad solar

LDSreliance shares how to avoid bad solar installations

We love hearing the many success stories and reading the five-star reviews from our EnergySage customers who go solar and save a ton of money on electricity bills! But, just like with any industry, there’s not a 100 percent success rate. One of the most important things you can do is find a trusted solar installer in your area so you don’t end up with solar panels that aren’t performing ideally. Check out this video from LDSreliance to learn how to avoid issues when going solar. (Spoiler alert: using EnergySage to get pre-vetted installers and easily compare quotes is one of the ways to go solar the right way!)

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solar battery location

Where to install solar batteries in your home

As more and more people install solar on their homes and the price of electricity from the grid continues to spike, energy storage systems, also known as solar batteries, are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Solar batteries are a complementary technology to solar panels that help establish energy security and reduce grid dependency, while saving money in avoided electricity costs. In the U.S. there are rules, regulations and recommendations to ensure battery installations are completed in a safe and effective manner. In this article we’ll discuss where you should and shouldn’t install your battery to maximize its capacity and your safety! 

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floating solar panels

Floating solar: what you need to know

Not every roof is suitable for solar panels – factors such as shade, obstructions, age, and available space can have property owners looking for other locations for installation. When it comes to large-scale solar projects, the most common alternatives to rooftop solar panel systems include ground mounts or solar canopies. Here’s a newer alternative that’s making quite the splash in the solar industry: floating solar.

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