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PV News: India Reveals World’s Largest Solar Array, Environment America to Campaign for Solar

largest solar power plant in the world

Renewable energy advocates celebrated across the globe this week as they witnessed the unveiling of the largest solar power array in the world. A new initiative by Environment America to protect solar from misinformation campaigns, a low-income program by L.A.’s biggest utility and the Kamuthi solar power plant in southern India are the key headlines we’re reading from this week’s Solar Energy News report.

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Solar Energy News: Solar-Powered Boat Ventures Across the Atlantic, U.S. India Partnership Will Launch 1 Million More Homes, BP Executive Calls Solar World’s Leading Energy Source

Solar Voyager boat

Now that summer is officially here with radiant sunlight in full array, solar homeowners across the U.S. are watching their electricity bills disappear. The first autonomous solar boat’s journey across the Atlantic, a major clean energy finance agreement between the U.S. and India and an unlikely solar testimonial from BP leadership are the top headlines from this week’s Solar Energy News report.

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Solar Energy News: Congress Passes Bipartisan Energy Bill, Solar Industry Reaches 1 Million Installation Milestone, Solar Windows Could be the Next Solar Panels

Congress building solar energy news EnergySage

Warmer spring weather continues to roll in, and the solar industry’s momentum is rolling along with it this week with several exciting developments across the globe. The 1 millionth U.S. solar installation, a bipartisan energy bill and an official rooftop solar mandate in San Francisco are three of the top headlines from this week’s solar energy news report.

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