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EnergySage consumer survey

Why are people interested in clean energy products for their home – and in what order do they buy them?

As the home energy market continues to grow and evolve thanks to new product innovations, major support from the government, and homeowners looking for sustainable ways to save money, the types of people exploring things like solar, batteries, and heat pumps are also changing. At EnergySage, we believe that the best way to understand what’s driving interest in clean energy products is to simply ask! With that in mind, we recently completed our third nationwide survey, the 2022 EnergySage Consumer Survey, to gain insight into how the average person thinks about clean energy – here’s what we found:

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EnergySage Intel Report

Solar industry highlights: cost, popular companies, battery demand, and more

In August 2022, we published the fifteenth iteration of our Solar Marketplace Intel Report. From ongoing supply chain constraints to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, the residential solar market has changed considerably over the past six months – and will continue to do so throughout the near future. At EnergySage, we remain committed to making the solar industry more transparent, affordable, and accessible, especially as it grows and transforms. In this article, we’ll share some key findings from this most recent Intel Report (check out this page to access the full report).

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EnergySage statistics

EnergySage statistics: key things to know about us and our Marketplaces

EnergySage was founded in 2009 with a simple mission: to educate and empower homeowners to tap into the environmentally friendly and cost-saving benefits of renewable energy. Having started in the rooftop solar market, we know the demand homeowners have and we know how difficult it can be to find the right installer. That’s why we developed our one-of-a-kind Marketplace to make it easy for anyone to quickly find quotes and get in contact with vetted installers nearby. 

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