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Solar News: Solar Tracking Gains Huge Popularity, Tesla/SolarCity Decision Expected on November 18th

solar panel tracking mount

This ground mount solar installation has tracking capability that allows it to track the sun as it moves during the day.

The past week in the solar industry, like many that came before it, can only be described with one word: optimistic. A promising emissions report thanks to significant growth from solar and wind, growing customer preference for tracking systems that improve the efficiency of solar systems, and a new community solar program in Missouri are three bright headlines we’re talking about from this week’s Solar Energy News report.

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Solar Energy News: San Francisco Legislation May Make Rooftop Solar Mandatory, EIA Data Confirms 2016 Will Be Solar’s Year, MIT Announces World’s Thinnest PV Cell

rooftop solar San Francisco solar news EnergySage

With a historic Super Tuesday behind us and the madness of an NCAA tournament just a week away, March has officially arrived – and with it comes major solar momentum. Forecasts of a solar takeover in 2016, legislation to mandate rooftop solar in San Francisco and a world-record solar achievement by MIT’s inventive labs are the top headlines from this week’s Solar Energy News.

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