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electricity burden

Where electricity burdens are high (and how community solar can help)

Electricity prices are turbulent and can be unpredictable – especially over this past year, the average electricity price has continued to rise, making this abundantly evident to ratepayers. Although no one likes to receive an unexpectedly high electricity bill, not everyone is affected by the cost of keeping the lights on in the same way. Some ratepayers won’t even notice the change in bill payments; to others, it may be a catalyst for a discussion on the state of geopolitics. But to some, a high electricity bill may mean sacrificing adequate heating and cooling. 

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Utility bills

What is a utility bill?

Utility bills are a regular occurrence in most people’s lives – and can add up hundreds of dollars a month in expenses! Generally, you’ll get utility bills for things like electricity, gas, and water (typically each month) to your home or business. We’ll break down what utility bills you’re likely receiving, what makes up the final utility bill you see at the end of each billing cycle, and ways to save on your utility bills in the future.

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power outage cost

How much do power outages cost?

Experiencing a power outage is quite a nuisance. Power outages can be challenging to deal with, from disrupting your daily life to endangering your well-being – especially if they happen often. Notably, they can also cost you money, sometimes a great deal if they end up causing significant property damage. In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about power outages, how much they could be costing you, and ways to protect yourself against them. 

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