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electrical load

Understanding electricity load

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you pay an electric bill, then you have an electrical load. Understanding how to calculate electrical load helps to explain your monthly electric bill and provides actionable information that can help you reduce how much you spend on electricity each month. And in the age of innovative utility rate structures, such as demand charges and time-of-use rates, and increasing electrification of homes, with air source heat pumps and electric vehicles becoming more popular, knowing how to calculate your electrical load can you help you determine how much you could save from a solar or solar-plus-storage installation on your property.

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Solar news: SunShot Initiative sets new goals and funding, Salt Lake City doubles solar capacity, and another exciting development for solar window technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The winning photo from the U.S. Department of Energy Sunshot Initiative’s recent photo contest.

The Department of Energy expands the SunShot Initiative, Salt Lake City announces a doubling of their municipal solar capacity, and progress on solar window technology in this week’s Solar News Roundup.

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Solar news: solar vs. coal debate now in the spotlight, solar prices falling at exponential rate

Reading Time: 2 minutessolar energy vs coal

A controversial debate over solar’s impact on coal, a new report that shows rapidly falling solar prices and a major solar development for the world’s energy capital – these are the stories EnergySage has its eye on in this week’s Solar News Report.

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Solar News: Solar Tracking Gains Huge Popularity, Tesla/SolarCity Decision Expected on November 18th

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solar panel tracking mount

This ground mount solar installation has tracking capability that allows it to track the sun as it moves during the day.

The past week in the solar industry, like many that came before it, can only be described with one word: optimistic. A promising emissions report thanks to significant growth from solar and wind, growing customer preference for tracking systems that improve the efficiency of solar systems, and a new community solar program in Missouri are three bright headlines we’re talking about from this week’s Solar Energy News report.

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Solar Energy News: Trump Takes on Solar in First Debate, SolarCity Accused of Copying SunPower’s Technology

Reading Time: 3 minutesclinton-trump-debate-solar

Solar found itself in the spotlight once again this past week, this time as the result of a mention during the first U.S. presidential debate. The Clinton-Trump clash on clean energy, SunPower’s accusation that SolarCity stole its technology and a new fully integrated off-grid solar array are the eye-catching headlines we’re discussing from this week’s Solar Energy News report.

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Solar Energy News: New Solar Device Can Purify Water, Virginia Governor Launches Back to Back Utility Scale Solar Projects

Reading Time: 3 minutessolar water purifer

For the everyday solar enthusiast, the past two weeks have been a handful with more developments and announcements than one can count. A solar device that purifies water, steep solar growth in Virginia thanks to a green-happy Governor and news of layoffs for SolarCity following the company’s acquisition by Tesla are the headlines that caught our eye in this week’s Solar Energy News Report.

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Solar Energy News: Solar Impulse Makes Iconic Descent into Abu Dhabi; New Research Reveals Solar Benefitting Entire State of MA; Investors Reforming Chernobyl Site with Solar Power

Reading Time: 3 minutessolar impulse arrives in abu dhabi

The hottest month of the summer is slowly coming to an end, but the momentum around solar power is still just heating up. News of Solar Impulse’s completed flight around the world, a plan to reform and reinvigorate Chernobyl with solar production and new research on the benefits of solar for all ratepayers are the pivotal headlines that we’re highlighting in this week’s Solar Energy News report.

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Solar Energy News: Floating Solar Arrays Gain Popularity, A New Record for Cheapest Solar Price, Homeowners Shifting Away From Solar Leasing

Reading Time: 3 minutesfloating solar array solar energy news EnergySage

Another active and exciting week in the solar power industry has come and gone with several exciting headlines left to show for it. A new record for the lowest solar price, a significant development in floating solar technology, and $25 million in funding from the DOE to promote grid modernization are three key headlines from this week’s Solar Energy News Report.
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Solar Energy News: Clinton and Sanders Go Head to Head On Nevada PUC Decision, Clean Energy Funding Announced for Tribal Nations

Reading Time: 2 minutesclinton and sanders against nevada solar decisionIt was another active week in the solar industry, with several major developments that garnered recognition for solar power and renewables as a whole. The growing popularity of community solar, a major funding announcement for Indian tribes and Native Alaskan communities, and strong solar support from Democratic presidential candidates are three key headlines from this week’s Solar Energy News.

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