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The solar revolution is now: Solar energy beating grid electricity on cost

solar fights electric

Still think solar panels are an expensive way to generate electricity? Think again. Solar energy system costs have fallen significantly in recent years, becoming increasingly competitive with power from electric utilities across the US. And as the global solar industry grows, prices look set to fall even further.

According to Deutsche Bank’s 2015 Solar Outlook report, solar energy system costs are likely to drop 40% in the next 4-5 years, in keeping with the steep downwards trend of the past decade. Given that utility electricity rates are only going to continue to rise, this means solar is set to become an increasingly attractive financial option for homes and businesses around the US – and the world.

Another report titled “Renewable Energy Generation Costs in 2014” released in January by the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA) backs up Deutsche Bank’s conclusions. Like the Deutsche Bank report, IRENA also concludes that falling costs have made solar financially competitive with grid electricity in many parts of the world – including much of the US. The report also shows that there have been dramatic declines in the cost of solar energy systems in the past few years (including a 3/4 drop in the cost of solar panels) – and says that there is still substantial room for further cost reductions as the solar industry expands. Continue reading

Go Solar Checklist—Part 2

solar-checklist2Our Go Solar Checklist post provided you with useful information to get you ready to start shopping for your own solar power system. We’ve pulled together a short follow-up checklist below that’s aimed at helping you cross the finish line. Here are a few more things to consider: Continue reading

When Shopping for Solar Power, Time Really Is Money

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’re probably already a believer in the financial benefits of solar power. One of the critical benefits of EnergySage is the tremendous amount of time it saves you throughout the entire proccanstockphoto9098193ess of shopping for solar power. When we talk about these financial benefits, we don’t usually assign a monetary value to the time you save using EnergySage, but as we all know, time is money. Ultimately, how you value your time affects the choices you make. Here’s an interesting analysis of how to put a dollar figure on the time EnergySage will save you. Continue reading

Should You Cut Down Trees to Improve Solar Panel Performance?

The environmental benefits of solar power are often quantified in terms of an equivalent number of trees planted. Ironically, maximizing those benefits may involve cutting down trees. Does it ever make sense to sacrifice a tree for the greater good? Sometimes, the answer is “yes.” It’s not always an easy decision, so here’s some information that may help you decide if that’s the right way to go. Continue reading

Tips for Timing Your Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Investments

On some level, we all know we should do something to reduce our energy costs, but where to start to achieve that goal is less clear. Should we reduce our consumption by making efficiency improvements (e.g. installing energy efficient lighting, replacing old windows, adding insulation, etc.)? Or, should we focus on reducing the cost of the energy we’re using by installing a clean energy system such as solar, wind or geothermal system? Both approaches make a lot of sense. Here are some points to consider that may help you to decide.

What are your goals for better energy efficiency? Continue reading

Solar Energy Systems: The Good and Bad News About What’s Keeping Consumers from Installing Solar Panel Systems.

A recent EnergySage survey found that close to 90% of the consumers surveyed had at least some level of interest in a buying a solar panel system (and the same applies to other clean energy systems like solar hot water, solar thermal, geothermal, small wind turbine systems). So, if interest is so high, why aren’t more people investing in a solar energy system? Continue reading

Solar Panels: Smart Investment or Big Expense?

We all know that perception is everything. There’s a huge difference in how people view a $10,000 investment versus a $10,000 expense. So could solar power systems be suffering from a perception problem? EnergySage set out to find out just that.

In a survey of 150 consumers interested in solar energy and other clean energy systems (like solar hot water, small wind turbines and geothermal) for their home or businesses, EnergySage found that 50% of respondents thought of solar panel systems as an investment, 30% considered it an expense, and 20% did not know enough to tell the difference between the two. Continue reading