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Solar thermal: what you need to know

There are two key methods for harnessing the power of the sun: either by generating electricity directly using solar photovoltaic (PV) panels or generating heat through solar thermal technologies. While the two types of solar energy are similar, they differ in their costs, benefits, and applications.

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Solar Energy News: Hanergy Debuts Four Solar Electric Car Models, New England Soaring in Solar Adoption (Apart from One State), Scientists Announce Breakthrough in Chemical Solar Storage

hanergy solar car

The entire industry is focused on driving down the cost of solar and improving the efficiency of solar technology, so it’s no surprise that this past week brought more major innovations in solar power. Hanergy’s self-charging solar cars, the rise of solar in New England and the growing role of concentrating solar power in the world economy are the major headlines from this week’s Solar Energy News report.

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Solar Energy News: World’s Largest Solar Plant Will Supply 1.1 Million People, Solar At Grid Parity in 20 States

morocco solar power plant largest in world As the final flickers of million-dollar commercial spots died down after Sunday’s first ever solar-powered Super Bowl, the solar industry was ramping up another momentous and eventful week. Solar reaches grid parity in 20 states, the world’s largest solar array powers up, and a 621-mile solar panel road is announced in the top headlines from this week’s Solar Energy News.

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