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Community solar

Everything you need to know about community solar: projects, costs, savings, and more

New to community solar? You’re not alone. Diving into the ins-and-outs of solar farms and subscription options can be overwhelming – but we’re here to make it as easy as possible!  

We created this guide to give you a rundown of community solar basics: from what it is, to the most important factors to consider as you compare options. Throughout the guide, you’ll find additional resources devoted to specific topics or commonly asked community solar questions. 

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community solar panels and buildings

The pros and cons of community solar

Community solar is an enticing option for those looking to take advantage of solar energy without installing a system on their own property. This unique type of solar project has a large central solar power plant whose energy can be shared potentially by thousands of people with either subscription or ownership plans. This flexible and consumer-friendly solar project plan is perfect for those who don’t want to install solar panels on their property, and especially those who want to reduce both their carbon footprint and their electricity bill. As with any energy choice, there are pros and cons to participating in a community solar program. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the primary benefits of community solar, as well as explaining its downsides and how best to keep them in mind as you compare community solar options.

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Why we recommend CS

Green power plans, community choice aggregation, community solar: why we recommend community solar

From green power plans to community choice aggregation to community solar, there are an increasing number of options when it comes to electricity these days, and understandably, it’s not always easy to make a decision.

While we at EnergySage are onboard with any power options that support the environment and further decarbonize our electricity, we’re especially excited about community solar – in this article, we’ll explain a few reasons why.

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LMI community solar

Low to moderate income community solar: what you need to know

For many electricity users across the country, rooftop solar panels don’t make sense – there are physical reasons (i.e. roof availability, home size), personal reasons (i.e. aesthetics), and financial reasons. Specifically for individuals who classify as “low to moderate income” (LMI), there are several reasons why community solar can be a great way to benefit from solar energy while not needing the traditional financial resources to install your own solar panels.

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Boston’s new CCA program: how does it compare with community solar?

Earlier this year, Boston rolled out their new community choice electricity (CCE) program, the largest community choice aggregation (CCA), or municipal aggregation, initiative in New England. Given the availability of local community solar projects in the Greater Boston area–and given that Boston is EnergySage’s home city!–we get a lot of questions about how some of these subscription options compare to this new program. In this article, we’ll discuss the major differences and similarities between the two options.

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community solar pricing models

Community solar pricing models: what you need to know

As you consider joining a community solar project, it’s important to understand how and when it will deliver value to you. This article breaks down the two main types of pricing models – ownership and subscription – in order to help you more accurately compare and decide between various offers.

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