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The ClipperCreek home EV charger complete review

If you’ve bought an electric vehicle (EV) recently or are considering one, you’re not alone! According to McKinsey, if EV sales continue on their current trajectory, they are likely to account for over half of U.S. passenger vehicle sales by 2030. Having an EV charger at your home allows you to more efficiently and quickly charge your EV at home, while managing and monitoring your charging and energy usage. (Bonus: if you have solar, you can power your car with the sun!) 

ClipperCreek is a trusted EV charging manufacturer, creating EV chargers since 2006, and is a division of Enphase Energy, Inc. They are known for building residential, public, fleet, and workplace EV charging solutions that are reliable, powerful, and “Made in America.” In this article, we’ll focus in detail on ClipperCreek’s popular HCS Level 2 home EV charger line. 

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