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Solar Is Not Your Only Clean Energy Option

For now, solar seems to be winning the popularity contest among clean energy systems. While solar is a great option, it’s by no means the only one, and it isn’t the right choice for everyone. There’s a wide array of clean energy technologies to choose from, and most homes and businesses are suitable for more than one of them. So, what do you need to know to determine which one is best for you? Continue reading

Why Oil Prices Will Stay High and How Clean Energy Can Help

There’s nothing as immutable as the basic laws of supply and demand. Right? Well, a recent CNN blog post is saying not so fast. With worldwide demand for oil low, CNN’s blogger asks, “so why is oil trading high at $113 a barrel, more than twice the price it was trading at five years ago when the global economy was booming? What in the world is going on?” Continue reading

Clean Energy: The Path to Energy Independence

There are a lot of things that motivate people to switch to clean energy systems. Energy independence doesn’t usually top the list, although it’s usually included in the mix. Lately, though, it looks like Energy Independence may start to mount a strong challenge to other motivators such as cost savings and environmental benefits for the top spot. Continue reading

Retiring to Someplace Sunny: Solar and Other Renewables Improve Retirees’ Financial Outlook

This recent blog post “For Retirement Savings, Solar Power Is a Better Bet Than the Stock Market” from thedailygreen.com shows how one octogenarian couple is using renewable energy to stretch their savings and contain costs in retirement. While this post focuses on solar photovoltaics, any clean energy system—solar, wind, geothermal or biomass—can produce the same benefits. Continue reading

Clean Energy Industry Key to American Economy & Future Job Growth

The personal economics of clean energy systems such as solar energy panels, wind and geothermal power are phenomenal. Property owners with installed clean energy systems are generating returns on investment anywhere from 6% to 30% over the 25-30 year life span of the systems. But what about the macro economics? Is there a good story to tell there? We’re happy to report that there is. The clean energy sector is responsible for significant job growth. Here are a few interesting findings from a recent Brookings study, Sizing the Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment. Continue reading