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best solar incentives

What are the best solar incentives?

The solar industry in the United States is big, and only getting bigger. In the last ten years, solar system installations increased by 20,000 percent! It’s very likely that you know someone (or multiple people) who have installed solar, or are considering it. You might find yourself wondering – how can everyone afford to go solar? That’s a great question, and cost is a major consideration for most people when they’re making a big investment in something like solar.

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community solar companies

Community solar companies you should know – and how to choose one

If you’re looking to save some money on electricity costs, community solar is a great option. While you’ll save less over time than if you install solar on your property, signing up for community solar allows you to enjoy some of the benefits of going solar without any upfront investment – it’s also a great option if you’re a renter or don’t have a suitable roof for solar! 

When you subscribe to a community solar project, you’ll pay your project’s provider a discounted rate for the energy generated through your subscription – but who are these project providers? And how do you choose one? In this article, we’ll explain how to evaluate community solar companies and some of the companies you should know about. 

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