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solar powered camping gear

Solar camping gear: on-the-go electricity and heat from the sun

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With advancements in the efficiency of solar equipment and technology, solar panels are no longer just capable of powering your homes. In fact, from RVs to boats to sheds, solar on a smaller scale can keep many things running outside of your home. One way that this smaller-scale solar technology is being used today is in solar-powered camping gear. 

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solar powered brewery

Solar-powered breweries: making beer with the sun

Reading Time: 3 minutesProducing beer is a resource- and energy-intensive process. Given the number of craft breweries that have expressed an interest in sustainability, it should come as no surprise that breweries around the country are now looking for ways to produce brews in a more environmentally friendly way: by going solar. 

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how solar benefits the grid

How solar helps the grid

Reading Time: 3 minutesThere are myriad benefits to solar energy. From reducing or eliminating your electric bills to increasing your property value, and from creating local jobs to protecting the environment, there are plenty of reasons to go solar. Another, lesser known benefit of installing panels on your property is that solar helps the entire electrical grid.

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