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HomeGrid battery review

The HomeGrid battery complete review

Founded in 2019, HomeGrid has made a big splash in the battery industry. They offer some of the most flexible battery systems in the industry, which are about as simple to stack as a set of LEGOs. They’re easy to install and easy to maintain, and, unlike many other batteries available today, you can take them with you if you move (without voiding the warranty). In 2021, HomeGrid was acquired by Lithion Battery, which has helped them to grow and solidify their place in the battery storage market. In this article, we’ll give you the complete rundown of what you need to know about HomeGrid’s battery solutions: the Compact and Stack’d batteries. 

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VillaGrid review

The VillaGrid complete review

Villara Energy Systems, located near Sacramento, California, is part of the Villara family of companies (established in 1947), which has been installing home energy equipment (including solar, batteries, and generators) for about 20 years. In 2021, it launched the VillaGrid, the only 20-year home battery currently available on the market. The VillaGrid is the industry’s first lithium titanate (LTO) home battery, with power, safety, and longevity as the core of its purpose. With its long warranty and extended battery life, coupled with the ability to work in extreme weather conditions, it’s a great option if you’re considering installing a home storage system. 

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