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Save Money with Solar While Helping the Nation Reach Its Carbon Reduction Goals

carbon_footprintRecently, President Obama gave an impassioned speech asking all of us to “Act On Climate” before it’s too late. It’s no surprise that increased adoption of clean energies such as small wind, geothermal, and solar power will be the driving force behind many of the goals outlined in his speech.

He called upon Americans to take a leadership role in this battle. His plan relies on everyone—individuals, business, government, even utilities—to do their part. While the President’s goals are aggressive, they are entirely doable. It’s also should come as no surprise that EnergySage can and will play an important role in helping to achieve these goals. We can help you save money with solar while working to reduce your environmental impact. Continue reading

Mr. President, Please Put Solar on the White House

Who hasn’t been at a wedding where no one is dancing and then suddenly, because one brave soul got up and got out on the dance floor, an entire party erupted? There’s a lot of truth to the age old adage that it only takes one person to get the ball rolling. Continue reading