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Panasonic manufacturing

Can I still buy Panasonic solar panels? Yes–and there are no signs of that changing

In February 2021, Panasonic announced that during fiscal year 2022 (ending in March 2022), it will stop manufacturing photovoltaic (PV) modules (aka solar panels). This announcement created some confusion about Panasonic’s future role in the solar industry, causing some to wonder if the company will stop selling solar panels altogether. But this is not the case! The company stated that it will “continue to sell outsourced photovoltaic modules as it has been doing in North America.” We sat down with Panasonic to get the inside scoop on their future in the clean energy industry.

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Bankability: what is it and how do you assess it?

If you’re thinking about installing solar panels, you know that it’s a long-term investment. Solar panels are built to last and many manufacturers offer warranties extending 25 years. So how do you ensure that the manufacturer of your panels will be able to uphold this warranty? One indicator is your manufacturing company’s bankability

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