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Understanding your Sunrun solar lease, PPA and solar contract agreement

Sunrun is one of the largest solar installation companies in the country and has partnerships with organizations like Comcast, Major League Baseball, and Costco. The company primarily offers solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs) to homeowners, although there are also cash purchase and solar loan options. Are you considering a lease or PPA offer from Sunrun? Before you sign on the dotted line, review EnergySage’s guide to evaluating your Sunrun offer.

Sunrun solar lease: what you need to know

When you sign a Sunrun lease or PPA, you are giving the company permission to install solar panels on your home. Even though the panels are located on your roof, you don’t own them. You simply agree to pay the owner (Sunrun) each month for the electricity that the panels generate.

If you sign a solar lease, you pay a flat monthly “rent” to Sunrun in exchange for electricity; if you sign a PPA, you commit to paying a fixed rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the electricity that your solar panels generate. Like most other solar leasing companies, Sunrun leases and PPAs are both typically 20-year agreements.

Your Sunrun lease or PPA, explained

All Sunrun lease and PPA offers have common pieces of information that you can use to evaluate your long-term solar savings. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand what you’re signing up for if you accept a Sunrun quote.

Sunrun PPA offer screenshot
Terms included in a Sunrun PPA offer.

Monthly payments due to Sunrun: Every Sunrun offer will be based on either a per-kWh rate (in the case of a PPA) or a flat monthly payment (in the case of a lease). This is one of the most important numbers in your Sunrun quote. If you want to see significant savings when you sign up for a solar lease or PPA with Sunrun, your total monthly payments should be much lower than an average electricity bill from your utility.

Annual rate increase (also known as the “escalator”): It’s important to note that the monthly payment indicated in your Sunrun lease or PPA offer is only your rate in the first year. Leases and PPAs often have an annual rate increase of around three percent per year built into the agreement.

In the example above, the annual increase is 0.99%, which means that the 14.5 cent rate that you pay per kWh will increase to 17.5 cents per kWh by the end of the 20-year agreement.

Electricity rate assumptions: In Sunrun’s calculation of 20-year savings, the PPA offer uses the assumption that electricity rates will increase by 4.75% each year. However, electricity rates (and rate increases) can vary significantly by state across the country. The national ten-year average is closer to 3%.

Use the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a federally funded resource for energy statistics and analysis, to get context about what sort of rate increase to expect in your state. The EIA has information about historical per-kWh rate increases as well as projections for future electricity rates. Make sure to double-check the EIA’s projections for your area to ensure that it is similar to what is included in Sunrun’s offer. Additionally, be sure to confirm that the electricity bill information is accurate for your home. Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions!

Sunrun quote information EnergySage

System information: How much of your electricity use should you expect your solar panels to cover? Understanding how much electricity your panels will generate, and how much you will need to buy from your utility, can help you confirm that your system is the right size for your home.

In most cases, you don’t want a system that will produce more electricity than you can use. If Sunrun installs a system that produces more electricity than you use, you could end up paying Sunrun for more electricity than you actually need.

Sunrun lease and PPA offers also include information on the equipment that will be installed on your home. Evaluate the quality of the solar panels and inverters included in your offer to ensure that it’s up to your standards for a 20-year commitment.

Questions to ask when reviewing a Sunrun solar contract

 The initial quote that you receive from Sunrun won’t contain all of the information that will be included in your final contract. Before you sign on the dotted line, there are a few more questions you should ask your Sunrun energy consultant:

  • Is there a performance guarantee? A performance guarantee states that your system’s performance won’t fall below a set standard. In the unlikely event that your system malfunctions, the performance guarantee is your recourse with the company. Make sure you have one in your contract.
  • Did you make any changes to the design of the system? Your system’s design isn’t finalized until you receive the final contract from Sunrun. Before you sign, verify that there the physical design and layout of your solar panel system is what you expect based on your original offer. For example, check if any new panels been added, or if their location on your roof has changed.
  • What are the terms of the warranty? The initial offer that you receive may include an overview of terms for warranties and repairs, but you should review the fine print in your final contract to understand what is and is not covered in your warranty.
  • What are my options when the agreement ends? Most homeowners will have the option to either extend their agreement with its existing terms, upgrade to a new system under a new contract, or have the system removed at no cost.

How to compare a Sunrun solar lease or PPA to a system purchase

Whether you choose to buy or lease your solar panels depends on your financial situation and reasons for going solar. While owning your solar panels does offer significantly greater 20-year savings, solar leases can be a better deal for homeowners who can’t take advantage of tax credits or other rebates and incentives.

Most solar leases require $0 down, and solar leasing companies make it easy for you to sign an agreement on the same day. However, solar leases and PPAs are still 20-year contracts. As with any other major financial commitment, shopping around is the best way to ensure that the solar financing that you choose is the best option for you. Getting multiple offers from local solar installers on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace is an easy, no cost way to review all of your solar options and find the best fit.

More than 30 percent of EnergySage users already had an offer from a solar company when they registered. Homeowners with pre-existing Sunrun quotes in hand are encouraged to join, and compare their Sunrun offer with competing offers from local solar installers on EnergySage.

67 thoughts on “Understanding your Sunrun solar lease, PPA and solar contract agreement

  1. Jeremi dugas

    This is sad and disappointing at the same time I now have Sunrun and the fact of the matter is they do play on your vision to save month to month but don’t speak on the long term hardship I leased from them and was excited for the most part till after I signed the contract then so many lies and untold truth start coming out it’s sad that we have to protect ourselves and family’s from companies like this just like we have to do for an intruder breaking into your house this has to stop it should be laws and standards when it comes to these unbelievable contracts it has to be something that can be done where we don’t lose everything due to companies like Sunrun

    1. Grace

      What happened with the contract that make unsatisfied with this company? Please elaborate, I’m about to have a PPA contract with SunRun.

  2. Jowara Morgande

    We had Sunrun representative come out and try to give all this information that sounds so good, till you look into it and read reviews. It’s not for us ask if it’s for you after reading into it some. I’m a Desert Storm veteran I don’t need anymore nightmares

  3. Kim

    I have a friend that is extremely dyslexic and Sun Run really took advantage of him. The salesman never told him about the monthly lease price nor did he explain the fact that any lease fees would be in addition to his actual electricity expenses.
    SunRun salesman did not even disclose that 20 years means 20 years regardless..
    The salesman went through the pages and purposely omitted information, most of which would have caused the contract to go unsigned and I agreed to. He talked mostly about the huge monthly savings that my friend would see on his electricity bill. .. which isnt exactly the case once the monthly fee for renting the solar panels is factored in. All together my friend was now paying MORE for his electricity.
    My friend got behind on his mortgage the past year because of Covid 19 and recently decided to try to sell the home. The potential buyer started to research SunRun and had attorneys go through the contract. It is permanently tied to the house. Whoever buys the house must satisfy the rest of the solar panel rental agreement. Of course the sale fell through. Buying a house is stressful enough. Taking on a huge mortgage is tough enough without having a potential 44k for a solar panel rental contract forced upon you as well.
    My friend is on the verge of losing his house and all of his blood sweat and hard work that he has poured into it. He will lose all of his equity. He will have no money to get a new place to live.

    What Sun is doing to people is wrong
    My friend is a disabled Veteran and the Sun Run Salesman took advantage of his PTSD and dyslecxia just to make a sale. They don’t care who they are hurting. They don’t care if someone that fought for our country ends of losing everything. All they care about is stuffing their own pockets..

    If it takes me til my dying day I will see to it that Sun Runs deceptive sales tactics are brought to light and that my friend is compensated for all of the help this company has put him through

    Land of American – Home of yet another homeless veteran.

    1. David Englebert

      I’m also a very disappointed customer of Sunrun. The panels don’t even cover half what we use. The salesman said we could add more panels to our system. Sunrun says we have to get a complete second system. I got screwed for trusting them. Stay away from Sunrun.

    2. I. Sheridan

      Thanks for you input on SunRun. I have them coming tomorrow to discuss FREE solar panels. Now I know there’s no such thing as free, but I wanted them to come so I could drill them on all the info I researched. Now that I read your story about your friend I know what my answer will be. “NO”. I’m a senior citizen and a widow living on a tight budget. My electric bills range from $80-$190 monthly depending on the time of year. I don’t need to be a victim in these scams. I’ve been scammed too many times and now it ends here. Thank you again for your post. And I pray everything works out well for your friend.

  4. Gwen Polzin

    One and a half years broken Sun Run two summers. Sun run bill and a huge big from nv power guess whos getting paid???..wouldnt recommend leasing ever… They didn’t tell me about rebates from gov. Guess who got them. Buyer beware!! Never lease from this company…they didnt even tell me it was broken or when they will fix it?? Bad company…

  5. Jim

    I was told today by Sunrun that they guaranteed the panels would produce energy just not for you! Unbelievable this company is.

  6. Ryan Frier

    SunRun is a leach company praying on those that do not read or full comprehend their contracts. Please do not be fooled by their zero down free install. If you run the numbers the hardware they install on your home will end up costing you 5 times the whole sale price. Plus they get all of the associated tax benefits and energy credits. A disceptive and poor business model if you ask me. It’s unfortunate as these are the companies that will leave people looking for green energy solutions a sour taste in their mouth.

    1. Tammy

      Agreed signed lease for 20 yrs 245 a month not realising Pace/Hero loan goes on Tax Roll. Been unhappy since 1st year. Emails back and forth True up starting at 800 this yr 1600 Now have a two trying to get me to add more panels so Im covered I thought I was covered to begin with. Unfreaking believeable

  7. Sid

    Hello, Solar community!
    Does anyone have experience with SunRun’s PREPAID PPA agreements? if so , can you share your point of view in comparison to a purchase?



  8. Helen Schaars

    I have a question about Sunrun, I signed up for solar yesterday afternoon. My rep. had me sign a contract online. This morning I received an email from Sunrun stating they couldn’t complete my application because they couldn’t get my credit info because I had a freeze on it. I then decided not to get the solar. I think I was told that I have 10 days to cancel. Is this true? The people at Sunrun were talking so fast I may have missed something. The were supposed to email me a copy which they never did. My application wasn’t approved yet anyway. Will I incur any problems? I just don’t want it.

    1. usedtoworkforsunrun

      put that in writing to be safe and include the the dates, times, names of anyone you spoke to, etc. when you originally called to cancel

  9. Susan L Romero

    I have a complete pigeon coup under my solar panels. System hasnt worked in 3 months and yet they are still charging me. Ignoring my request to share in pigeon guard cost. I really want the panels off. dont know what to do.

  10. KP

    ALL Solar leases should be illegal. Being tied to your home should involve your mortgage company who holds the note and THEY should deny ALL Solar leases until the mortgage holder and the homeowner discuss. SUN RUN solar is a complete scam company and while self-proclaimed “best” is in fact 100% guilty of Deceptive Practices of what they instruct their sales representatives to present to potential clients. RUN from SUN RUN!


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