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SolarCity Reviews and Complaints: What America’s Homeowners Think About Its Top Installer

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If you’ve considered installing solar panels in the United States in the past decade, chances are you’ve heard the name “SolarCity” a few times. With its recognizable sun icon slated next to a catchy phrase in bold, the U.S. green giant has made a name for itself in the residential solar market, and is widely considered the country’s top installer for the past three years.

From a homeowner’s perspective, SolarCity is initially associated with innovation and market share (after all, it’s theoretically an Elon Musk venture). However, the installer behemoth generates a lot of skepticism and doubt due to its resoundingly negative review presence online. For this reason, we created an aggregate report on what homeowners are saying about SolarCity. We looked at trends on major review sites as well as themes we hear from shoppers comparing solar quotes on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace who had an experience with SolarCity.

Is SolarCity worth it? The primary appeals of the lead installer

With more market share than any other solar company in the nation, it’s clear that SolarCity is doing something right, regardless of review trends. To start off, let’s look at what homeowners like about SolarCity.

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One of the primary pain points and areas of uncertainty for those considering solar panels is around warranties. Solar panels can require maintenance and typically have warranties that range from 20 to 25 years. Understanding the terms and types of warranties offered with a solar installation is a very important step of the buying process for homeowners. For many homeowners, this is part of the appeal of SolarCity: they offer a 25-year warranty for all systems, which is about as good as it gets in the industry (though we will discuss later whether or not they always follow through on that support). Additionally, as a large company with a national presence and backing from Elon Musk, SolarCity offers solar shoppers a degree of certainty that they can’t find elsewhere. Taken together, people see an impressive warranty offering and a corporate giant ready to back it up. 

Overall, size and brand awareness are big selling points for homeowners that are interested in SolarCity. Several homeowners that used our platform to compare solar quotes also confessed that Elon Musk’s investment in SolarCity made the company most appealing initially. Take it from one popular review on Yelp that sums up this thematic homeowner impression:

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Source: Yelp

Additionally, SolarCity was founded in 2006 and has been in business for more than 10 years – a significant corporate achievement in an industry that has only come to full fruition in the past few years. The San Mateo installer boasts 20 locations across the U.S., which means that they can offer in-person support and feedback.

SolarCity also has a number of strong partnerships and acquisitions that allow it to, in theory, fulfill Elon Musk’s original vision for his cousins’ company: to satisfy every need of the solar installation process under one company roof. SolarCity can promote its own high efficiency panel brand (Silevo), solar financing packages such as its lease and loan offerings, and even offer a home equity audit and evaluation. To top it all off, SolarCity offers the Tesla Powerwall – a big selling point for the many homeowners seeking home energy storage options.

The top four complaints about SolarCity from homeowners

SolarCity offers many benefits as an installer, but breaking down the resounding criticisms we hear from homeowners directly will give you the full picture. It’s common speak that reviews of SolarCity are some of the harshest testimonies you’ll find on Yelp, but the ultimate question to unpack here is what are the consistent issues that drive this company’s customers to a state of keyboard frenzy? 

High pressure salesman: “a barrage of phone calls”

One of the most decisive and prominent criticisms that we hear about SolarCity revolves around their sales process. The company is founded on a “sign at all costs” mentality when it comes to finding homeowners who are unsure about going solar. The company’s focus on growth has led to a door-to-door canvassing operation driven by high stakes quotas and a telemarketing team that uses autodialers programmed to get an answer with no cap on call attempts. The consequences of their strategy have been dire for the company’s reputation.

Homeowners frequently describe SolarCity’s salesforce as “pushy”, “relentless” and “harassing” with numerous cases of people who described the experience as “a barrage of phone calls.” To get some insight from the inside perspective, check out a testimony from a former SolarCity prospect who was frustrated with the company’s sales methodology:

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Source: Highya

This internal pressure to quickly close leads engenders a confusing and stressful experience for the homeowners on the other end of the phone. Here are a few examples of customer testimonies that exemplify the pressure sales experience we hear about so much:

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Source: Yelp

screenshot of solarcity review

Source: Yelp

We often hear that the root cause for the confusion felt by solar homeowners is exposure to misleading solar sales tactics that stretch the truth about the cost of solar or the logistics of how simple going solar can be. To be fair, this is a problem across the entire solar industry, but the nation’s top installer is the top source of advertising and sales in that industry and shoulders some of the blame. It is our hypothesis that this sales mantra is responsible for a resounding association with SolarCity and the words “scam” or “manipulation.”

Poor customer service

As with any rapidly growing large company, SolarCity faces regular criticism about its customer support team. Our support reps at EnergySage are often the second call made after a homeowner speaks with a SolarCity rep, and we typically hear that they get different stories from different representatives.

The common thread in these homeowner complaints is that SolarCity representatives seem undereducated on solar terminology, manufacturers, equipment and financing options. A homeowner who considered SolarCity this past summer recounted how his customer representative only talked about Tesla Motors and the company’s plan to acquire SolarCity. The homeowner said it appeared the rep had been told to use the Tesla merger as a key selling point, but had no answers when the homeowner asked questions specific to their solar panel installation. Additionally, we often hear that sales reps are friendly and engaging but that the customer experience drops off dramatically once a contract is signed: 

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Source: Consumer Affairs

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Manipulation: “is Solar City a scam?”

In addition to confusion around the cost and logistics of solar, the high-pressure sales tactics SolarCity salespeople use can also lead to doubt and skepticism from homeowners who feel they are being manipulated or taken advantage of. Suspicious offers such as the marketing gimmick “free solar panels from the government” often lead homeowners to ask our support team, “is Solar City a scam?” or “should I trust Solar City?”

One cause for this “scam” assumption are the audacious promises made by sales reps that are impossible for installers to follow through on. For example, homeowners often report that SolarCity promised total solar panel output (meaning that their panels will totally cover their electricity demands each month). However, the reality of solar panel technology is that there’s a level of variation with any system that makes that type of guarantee an impossible one to make. As a result, the following customer testimonies are common complaints we hear on a regular basis:

screenshot of solarcity review=

Source: Solar Reviews

screenshot of solarcity review

Source: Highya

SolarCity lease problems and buyer’s remorse

The three criticisms mentioned above come up frequently with EnergySage users, but there is no sentiment we hear more frequently from SolarCity customers than regret following system installation (often because of SolarCity’s complicated and binding lease model). Ultimately, the aggressive sales strategy will capture some percentage of homeowners who don’t fully understand their contracts. Additionally, those that do actually end up locked into a contract often express remorse and frustration once they realize there is no way out. 

These promises made by the company’s sales team can lead to a rude awakening for many homeowners who end up feeling tricked. Here are some testimonies that describe the actual solar savings, panel output and after-the-sale support by SolarCity, compared to the expectations garnered during the all-optimistic sales process and contract signing:

screenshot of solarcity complaint width=

Source: Solar Reviews

screenshot of solarcity complaint

Source: Yelp

The ultimate takeaway: get multiple solar quotes to make the smartest decision possible

Each individual homeowner is going to have a unique experience with SolarCity. And like any large purchase, the more quotes you receive, the more educated of a decision you can make. At EnergySage, we encourage all solar shoppers to make as informed of a decision as possible. This information comes from both the testimony of other shopper reviews, as well as from getting and comparing multiple quotes.

To read the testimonies of other shoppers, you can check out the websites we used in this article, including YelpConsumerAffairs, Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and HighYa. You can also check out the thousands of solar company reviews we have aggregated on EnergySage.

Another way to ensure that your solar offer is fair (whether it’s from SolarCity or another solar company) is to compare it against other competing offers. When you register on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, you can upload quotes you have already received from solar companies like SolarCity and easily compare them side-by-side to other installers in your area.

Regardless of which solar company you ultimately select, we recommend that all homeowners thoroughly read their final solar agreement to ensure that they understand the specifics before signing a binding contract.

small installers vs solarcity

94 thoughts on “SolarCity Reviews and Complaints: What America’s Homeowners Think About Its Top Installer

  1. Sandra Hall

    Is there a class action lawsuit against them in AZ? It too was not disclosed to me my savings would be only 53%. They basically said I signed the paperwork and I should have read what I signed. I said perhaps, but when their associate sold that to me he never explained this to me. As anyone knows there is so much mumbo jumbo a person should have taken it to an attorney. I am retired and am trying to save money, but what was presented is not what I got.mi have been complaining for a year that I do not have enough panels to help pay the bills. Just kept getting the run around. Please it took them almost a year to get me set up and I incurred $400-500 bills for several months .

  2. Duane

    This horrible. I was forced to transfer my panels to my new house at tremendous hassle and expense. After they were installed my roof started leaking. The same tech who approved the roof for installation came to the conclusion that now the roof had to be repaired. “The same man” on a six month period. Now they are trying to charge me for the temporary removal so I can repair my roof. In the mean time my house is being damaged and the incompetence on the service department keeps giving me different runaround answeres. The best way to fight the company is to flip the switch off so they don’t get any electricity from you (they need it). This company is an abosute scam. Don’t second guess it. And stay away. If anyone know about any class action lawsuits or is in a similar situation please contact me.

  3. Don Johannsen

    Stay away from this company I worked there and know all about that outfit. They use low quality inverters and panels yet charge a premium. Many homeowners get stuck with repeated inverter failures and poor installations. Service department has been gutted by the Tesla acquisition. In the early years of Solarcity materials used were better quality but those days are over.

  4. Julius Egbele

    I am in such dilemma that I don’t know how to get out of it. I was paying less electric bill in the pasts, I was contacted by SolarCity representatives concerning solar power. I was told that it will cost me less than than electric company that I was using. I was told to send in my bills for them to figure it out how they can help me pay less bills. I sent them 12 months of my electric bill from Cirro Energy and they took a look at them to figure how many solar panels that will generate enough energy for my house. After the installations of the solar panels they fall short to produce enough energy for my house. Now, I am paying more money to SolarCity and MP2. In my previous bills, I was paying $250 to Cirro Energy. Now I have to pay $150 monthly to Tesla Energy and $315 to MP2. All totals to the amount of $465 a month compared to what I was paying to Cirro Energy $250 per month. I am appealing to whosoever was duped to join me in a class action suit against SolarCity now Tesla. Thanks

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