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How to make money with SolarCity Ambassador and other rewards programs

Solar adoption is skyrocketing in the United States. Partly responsible for this surging uptake is one of the oldest industry drivers: word of mouth marketing. The SolarCity Ambassador Program, EnergySage Rewards Program, and others are a big part of this growth.

Update: Tesla’s solar referral program has ended

As of February 1, 2019, the old Tesla referral program is over, and has now been replaced by a program strictly concerning electric vehicle purchases. For more information on this new EV referral incentive, head over to Tesla’s page on the subject.

The best solar rewards programs

Programs like the SolarCity Ambassador Program are based on a natural human instinct: if you like something, you’ll want to tell your friends and family about it so they can enjoy it too. Companies benefit from this human instinct by building incentive programs around these referrals, allowing individuals to receive rewards for their recommendations. These programs can take different shapes and sizes; key variables are who is eligible to participate, what types of actions must be completed by the referrer and referee, and the size of the eventual reward. The best part about these ambassador programs is that you can participate in a lot of them at once, and earn rewards for your advocacy from multiple sources!

SolarCity Ambassador Program

The SolarCity Ambassador program is growing exponentially. It’s also a relatively easy one to participate in. You simply sign up on their website, and then start handing out your promo code to interested buyers. They’ve also built a handy SolarCity Ambassador app on iTunes for you to use on the go! Every time someone uses your promo code and installs SolarCity panels, you receive $250 dollars and your referral receives one month of solar power for free (after a rebate process). You don’t have to have a solar power system on your house to participate, you just have to believe that SolarCity is a good option for your friends and family to consider.

EnergySage Rewards Program

If you want your solar advocacy to have more of an impact, you can join the EnergySage Rewards Program as well. The program is easy to join, just sign up on EnergySage and we’ll provide you with a custom referral link to email out to your friends exploring solar. You can post this referral link on all your social media accounts as well! When one of the people you referred via that link goes solar, you’ll receive $250 dollars. The best part about the EnergySage Rewards Program is that you’re advocating for the entire solar industry, instead of a specific company. Because the EnergySage Solar Marketplace connects people shopping for solar energy systems with local installers in their area, recommending EnergySage means you’re not just promoting one company, one technology, or one financing option. The benefit of this sort of comparison shopping will be appreciated by your friends and family; EnergySage customers find that their price for going solar is 20% less than those who went with a single company. So remember, when you refer people to EnergySage you’re not only helping the solar industry expand, you’re saving your friends and family more money too!

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