Comparing Solar Warranties: SunPower vs. Canadian Solar vs. SolarWorld vs. LG vs. Panasonic vs. Hyundai

SunPower, Canadian Solar, SolarWorld, LG, Hyundai solar panel warranty

When you compare your solar panel options from leading companies like SunPower, Canadian Solar, LG, Hyundai and SolarWorld, one of the biggest factors to consider is the solar panel warranties offered with their products. Solar panels come with two main warranties attached: the materials warranty, also known as the product warranty, and the production warranty.

The materials warranty guarantees that your solar panels will be free from problems caused by manufacturing defects or durability issues. If your panels fail as a result of one of these problems, the manufacturer will provide you with a replacement at no cost. The industry standard for the materials warranty is 10 years, although as you can see in the table below, the best solar panels offer up to a 25-year warranty.

The production warranty is related to how much power your panels will generate over time. Solar panel performance naturally degrades over time at a relatively slow and steady rate. To give you a sense of what to expect year-over-year, your solar panels also come with a power production warranty, which guarantees that their panels will retain a certain percentage of their production capacity over the first 25 years. 

Solar panel warranties by company table

Company Materials Warranty 25-Year Production Warranty
Canadian Solar 10 years 80.2% – 83% (depending on model)
Hyundai 5 to 10 years 80%
LG 12 years 83.6%
Mitsubishi 10 years 80%
Panasonic 25 years 90.76%
REC Solar 10 years 80.2%
SolarWorld 20 years 80.2% – 86.85% (depending on model)
SunPower 25 years 87%
Trina Solar 10 years 80.68% – 82.5% (depending on model; some models offer 30-year warranty)

Read on to learn more about warranties for leading solar panel brands below.

SunPower warranty: industry-leading brand with warranties to match

Materials Warranty: 25 years
Production Warranty: 87% of initial capacity after 25 years

SunPower solar panels are often cited as one of the best PV options available on the market in the United States, both for their above-average efficiency and for their industry-leading product warranties.

SunPower offers a 25-year materials warranty – one of the only companies in the industry to do so – and additionally guarantees that their panels will produce electricity at no less than 87% of their original capacity after 25 years of operation. While SunPower panels often come at a significant price premium, you can be certain that the company will stand by its products for the long haul.

LG solar panel warranty: EnergySage’s most frequently quoted brand offers solid warranties across the board

Materials Warranty: 12 years
Production Warranty: 83.6% of initial capacity after 25 years

LG is the brand of solar panel most frequently featured in quotes to homeowners and businesses on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, and for good reason. The company is well known for high-quality electronics and manufactures its solar panel products in South Korea.

LG’s solar panel warranty covers manufacturing defects for 12 years, which is slightly above the industry average of 10 years. Its production warranty is also higher than average (although it can’t beat SunPower) – LG solar panels are guaranteed to operate at no less than 83.6% of initial capacity after 25 years in operation.

SolarWorld warranty: German company offering new and improved materials warranty

Materials Warranty: 20 years (prior to 2017, 10 years)
Production Warranty: Depending on product, 80.2% – 86.85% of initial capacity after 25 years

SolarWorld is another frequently quoted brand on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, coming in just behind LG at number two. The company’s strong materials and production warranties are a major contributor to its popularity among homeowners and businesses shopping for solar.

SolarWorld recently upgraded its materials warranty from 10 years to 20 years, a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in its products. Production warranties for SolarWorld panels range from 80.2% to 86.85% of initial capacity after 25 years, depending on the product line.

Panasonic solar panel warranty: leading electronics manufacturer takes on solar

Materials Warranty: 25 years
Production Warranty: 90.76% of initial capacity after 25 years

Panasonic recently entered the U.S. market for solar panels, and thanks to their reputation as a reliable manufacturer of electronics, they’re already a popular choice for U.S. homeowners installing solar.

The warranty offerings for Panasonic’s solar panels are the strongest of any of the top brands on this list, surpassing even SunPower’s production warranty. Their HIT line of panels comes with an industry-leading 25-year materials warranty and a remarkable production warranty of 90.76% after 25 years.

Canadian Solar warranty: popular mid-range brand with variety of options

Materials Warranty: 10 years
Production Warranty: Depending on product, 80.2% to 83% of initial capacity after 25 years

Canadian Solar is the third most frequently quoted to homeowners shopping for solar on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace. The company, which manufactures its panels in Canada, China, and Vietnam, offers a variety of mid-range solar panel products.

All Canadian Solar panels come with an industry-standard 10-year materials warranty, but their production warranty differs depending on which line of solar panels you purchase. Canadian Solar offers warranties for production that range from 80.2% to 83% of their original capacity after 25 years.

Hyundai solar panel warranty: a budget option from a well-known brand

Materials Warranty: Depending on product, 5 to 10 years
Production Warranty: 80% of initial capacity after 25 years

Hyundai’s solar panel offering is produced by a separate branch of the company that owns Hyundai Motors. Like LG, their panels are manufactured in South Korea, but their products are generally considered to be an “economy” option for homeowners looking for a low-cost solar installation.

The Hyundai solar panel warranty for production is a flat 80% of initial capacity after 25 years, and the materials warranty is either five or 10 years depending on the product line that you purchase.

Compare solar panel warranties & costs on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace

Finding the right solar panel system for your home means comparing multiple quotes from solar installers. The EnergySage Solar Marketplace can help you find local solar installers near you and make easy side-by-side comparisons of all your solar options, including panels & warranties offered, installers, and financing. By shopping around first, you can find the right option at the right price – warranties and all.


3 thoughts on “Comparing Solar Warranties: SunPower vs. Canadian Solar vs. SolarWorld vs. LG vs. Panasonic vs. Hyundai

  1. David Forsyth

    What about racking and inverter warranties? SunPower also offers 25-year warranties on their inverters and the racking materials. What to the others offer? (specifically Panasonic)

    1. Christopher Brown

      The SolarEdge inverter, often installed with the Panasonic HIT modules, has an extended 25 year warranty available and the rooftop optimizer has a 25 year standard warranty. Unirac, with many popular mounting styles, has a 25 year warranty. Working with your installer you should be able to find modules, inverter and racking that all have 25 year product warranties.

  2. Derek Girling

    SunPower has the only 25/25/25 year complete system warranty in the industry. This means 25 years workmanship, 25 years production, and 25 years for the labor to troubleshoot, uninstall, and replace. This includes the modules, micro-inverter, and racking. One system designed to work together. Additionally, the SunPower Maxeon cell is the only cell with a solid copper back. This is a very different product than what other manufacturers including Panasonic sell.

    If your micro-inverter fails several years down the road, you may be in the position of having a perfectly good panel with no MI to pair with it.

    SunPower also has significant amounts of product with this technology already deployed in residential, commercial, and utility scale systems worldwide. So the warranty comes from actual field experience delivered for many years, not a marketing scheme to recover market share.

    Full disclosure – I work for SunPower because I wanted to deliver the best solution possible to homeowners.


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