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Solar & Smart Thermostats: An Eco-Friendly House

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Solar panels and smart thermostats are two of the most powerful technologies available to help you take control of your home’s energy consumption. By installing solar and a smart thermostat in your home, you can minimize your environmental impact and maximize your clean power use. Here’s why solar panels and smart thermostats are the best way to turn your home into a 21st-century eco-friendly house.

Smart thermostats help monitor your home’s solar energy consumption

Today’s smart thermostats don’t bear much resemblance to the programmable thermostats of the past. Smart thermostats do more than just enable you to set a schedule for your heating and cooling systems; thanks to detailed real-time insight about your home’s energy use, smart thermostats can actually help you identify and address situations where your energy use isn’t as efficient as possible. In the long term, this insight means you’ll save money on your energy bills.

Reducing energy bills is also a major motivator for many homeowners who install solar panels on their roof. Surprisingly, taking your home’s power production into your own hands with solar may actually have the opposite effect: some homeowners report that they actually end up using more electricity after they install solar, which cuts into savings over time (i.e., the “rebound effect”). When you add a smart thermostat to your solar home, you can easily monitor your actual electricity consumption to ensure that you’re using your solar energy responsibly.

Smart thermostats save you money by reducing energy waste

Have you ever accidentally left your air conditioning running when nobody is home? With a Wi-Fi connected smart thermostat, you could turn that air conditioner off from anywhere in the country, allowing you to manage your energy use remotely and prevent instances of accidental energy waste. Since most solar energy systems also come with their own production monitoring systems, pairing the two technologies means that you can monitor both your energy production and consumption, in real-time, from wherever you are! When you know exactly how much electricity you’re producing, and the amount of energy you’re using, you can maximize your solar savings.

Smart thermostats can also deliver major savings if your utility charges you more for electricity during peak hours. With a smart thermostat, you can choose to reduce your energy consumption when electricity prices are highest – often in the afternoon. A smart thermostat paired with solar panels is most effective during these peak hours, as you can track how much electricity your panels are producing and adjust your energy consumption accordingly. Certain smart thermostats even have the capability to communicate with your utility to identify these situations automatically.

As with any other home purchase, comparing all of your options will help you find the best smart thermostat for your needs. Take a look at the six leading smart thermostats in the table below:

ProductWifi ConnectedLearning ThermostatAdditional Sensors AvailablePrice
Ecobee3 ThermostatYesYesYes$275
Honeywell Lyric ThermostatYesNoYes$199
Honeywell Smart ThermostatYesNoNo$190
Nest Learning ThermostatYesYesNo$212
Schneider Electric Wiser AirYesYesNo$145
Sensi Smart ThermostatYesNoNo$170

Pair solar panels with a smart thermostat for an eco-friendly house

When you pair a smart thermostat with a solar panel system, you take your electricity production and use into your own hands. With the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, you can compare equipment, financing options, and solar company reviews to find the best package for your eco-friendly house. When EnergySage’s pre-screened solar installers compete for your business, you can save 20 percent or more as a result. That’s what we call a smart home.

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  1. Rachel

    The idea of smart homes makes me excited for what the future will bring in terms of the technology. The fact that smart thermostats can help with energy conservation is great, and shows that this technology has the potential to be very environmentally friendly. I can’t wait to see what they think of next. Thanks for sharing!


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