Solar news May 6, 2022

Solar news: May 6th, 2022

In this week’s new round up, we discuss a new commitment by the Biden administration to support domestic electric vehicle (EV) production and an important update in solar incentives in Florida. 

Biden administration announces 3.1 billion dollar investment to make electric vehicle batteries in the United States

The Biden administration recently announced that it would make a large investment in domestic EV production as a part of its emissions reduction goals. This investment is a part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that was passed in 2021. The funding will go towards U.S.-based manufacturing companies that are working to build new EV battery factories or to overhaul existing facilities. 

The Department of Energy has also separately announced a 60 million dollar investment to help support EV battery recycling. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that the investment would help to meet the Biden administration’s climate goals while also reducing dependency on other nations. The administration has stated that it wants EVs to make up half of new U.S. vehicle sales by 2030.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis vetoes net metering bill 

Earlier this year the Florida state legislature passed House Bill 741, a measure that would decrease the credit amount for net metering to the utilities avoided cost rate starting in 2024. This bill would have strongly impacted the savings Florida residents would realize with solar. However, last week Governor Desantis vetoed the anti net metering bill to keep the credit amount at the same rate for Florida residents. This unexpected move will help Floridians interested in solar save more from their investments and will support the continued growth of solar in the state. To get our take on the bill’s veto, check out this article!