Save Money with Solar While Helping the Nation Reach Its Carbon Reduction Goals

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carbon_footprintRecently, President Obama gave an impassioned speech asking all of us to “Act On Climate” before it’s too late. It’s no surprise that increased adoption of clean energies such as small wind, geothermal, and solar power will be the driving force behind many of the goals outlined in his speech.

He called upon Americans to take a leadership role in this battle. His plan relies on everyone—individuals, business, government, even utilities—to do their part. While the President’s goals are aggressive, they are entirely doable. It’s also should come as no surprise that EnergySage can and will play an important role in helping to achieve these goals. We can help you save money with solar while working to reduce your environmental impact.

You can go solar zero down and help the environment

The options you have for clean energy can be overwhelming, but it’s our job to help you feel confident about the decisions you make. Today, solar panels are one of the most widely adopted clean energy technologies. Purchasing a solar system can be a big investment, but the returns are generally very attractive. If you’re not in a position to make a large upfront investment, you can still take advantage of both the financial and economic benefits of solar through a $0 down, solar lease or solar loan.

There are even options for getting clean energy directly from your utility.  Whether you decide to lease or purchase your solar panels, EnergySage will help you find the right installer, the right products, and the right financing solution for your home or businesses. The EnergySage Solar Marketplace helps property owners to evaluate their options and choose the option that best suits their individual needs and their own unique financial situation.

None of us should underestimate the contribution one household can make toward achieving the president’s goals. According to the EPA, the average household emits approximately 20 metric tons of carbon pollution each year. By installing solar, a typical two person household eliminates between 3 and 4 tons of carbon annually. Each home makes a dent in our pollution levels, but it’s the cumulative effect that really makes an impact, getting us to the President’s goals that much faster.

The President Wants More Solar Homes and Businesses

The President’s plan also includes new limits on existing power plants. Your decision to install solar power at your home or business will also help on this front. By using solar power to meet your energy needs, you reduce the carbon your utility plant emits in the production of the power it supplies. The demand on energy at utility plants decreases with every home that uses clean energy sources such as solar. So essentially, your decision will have a positive effect on both goals. Depending on the source of your utility’s production—many are still using coal to generate electricity—the impact of your decision could be very significant.

Businesses also will play a key role in achieving success. Already, there are many corporations that are leading by example. As the President indicated, corporations have declared fighting climate change “one of the great economic opportunities of the 21st century.” These companies are making changes not only because they know they have to, but also because they see new opportunities and innovations arising as a result of these changes and they want to take advantage of them. Even the federal government is being called upon to reduce its carbon pollution by 20% in the next 7 years.

Going Solar, Reducing Carbon Footprint

Since 2008, the amount of energy the U.S. generates from solar and wind has doubled. All of this renewable energy means that many more jobs have been created to install solar panels and build wind turbines. We are making great strides in adopting cleaner sources of energy. We’re also making strides in reducing our carbon footprint. Obama noted that “since 2006 no country on Earth has reduced its carbon pollution as much as the United States of America.”

We’re definitely headed in the right direction, but even with the steps we have taken – there is still a lot more to do. Are you ready to make a change that will benefit you and the environment? The EnergySage Solar Marketplace can help you begin shopping for your solar power system as soon as possible. Let us help you save money with solar and reduce your carbon footprint all in one fell swoop!

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