Qualified Florida solar leads: growing momentum in the Sunshine State

Reading Time: 4 minutesincreasing solar lead volume in florida The U.S. has witnessed remarkable solar growth over the past decade, and Florida is one of the states leading the way. In an industry that attracts some 5 to 10 million solar-interested homeowners, the Sunshine State now ranks in the top 10 for installed solar capacity and top five for solar jobs. Across the state of Florida, many solar installers are noticing a sudden increase in consumer demand. Thus, the question for these solar installation pros becomes, “What is the best way to reach these consumers and how can I make sure they are qualified leads?”

Rising Florida lead growth and what solar installers can do to capitalize

On EnergySage, a nationwide solar sales channel and the second most-trafficked website in the solar industry, we have noticed a major uptick in our Florida lead volume following the rejection of Amendment 1 by state voters in November 2016. In Southeast Florida in particular, brand awareness of EnergySage has surged thanks to a number of local partnerships, like our pro solar collaboration with Broward County and the City of Miami Beach. While solar demand is growing across the state, certain counties in Southeast Florida are taking off faster than others, and we’re seeing homeowners flood onto our platform looking to find local installers. Check out the following data table that shows homeowner activity in a few top counties in Southeastern Florida:

Solar lead volume in top Southeastern Florida counties

CountyLeads per monthleads per year
Miami Dade25-100+300-1200+
Palm Beach15-40+180-480+
The above table draws from real time data from the EnergySage Solar Marketplace and provides a lens into activity on our platform in Southern Florida. Business is strong and growing in these counties and EnergySage is actively seeking more solar installation companies to join our platform to keep up with consumer demand. Learn more about our solar marketplace today and remember to mention reading this article – you’ll receive a 50% discount on our contractor signup fee!   solar leads graphic In addition to knowing the general volume we’re seeing on EnergySage in Southeast Florida, it may be helpful to have something to compare it to in order to really understand this solar momentum that’s occurring in the Sunshine State in 2017.

Florida cities with strong year over year (YOY) solar lead growth

CityYOY growth (2016-17)
Deerfield Beach2x
Delray Beach2x
Fort Lauderdale2x
Pompano Beach2x
Boca Raton3x
Lake Worth3x
West Palm Beach3x
Miami Beach4x
The above table illustrates year over year lead growth on EnergySage from the second half of 2016 through the first half of 2017. Clearly, a majority of the most populated counties in southern Florida are experiencing a major uptick in consumer demand and thus solar installers in the area have never had more reason to be busy. With these upticks in certain counties as high as 400% (and even higher jumps in certain small counties) one thing becomes clear: many Florida installers may be unaware of the rampant lead volume on online platforms like EnergySage and thus are missing out on this online surge of consumer interest.

Qualified lead platforms like EnergySage are changing the business of solar

In the modern era, the mass market consumer is accustomed to online methods of researching and buying products and services (especially big ticket items) and this buyer trend is becoming more and more apparent in the solar industry. One thing is certain: consumers are flooding to the EnergySage platform in 2017 with lead volumes expected to continue to grow at exponential rates throughout the year. As the solar-interested consumer population transitions away from “early adopters” and towards the mainstream market, so too is the solar industry transitioning away old school “lead-gen” websites and towards more innovative online marketplaces like EnergySage. What’s behind this trend? The simple truth is that today’s solar consumers don’t want to be sold to on their doorstep, they want to conduct their own research online, shop around, and buy solar panels just like they would make any other large household purchase – whether its buying a new car or refrigerator. The typical solar company on EnergySage tends to rely on our online sales channel for about 15 to 20 percent its solar leads per month. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, EnergySage allows today’s solar consumer to conduct all of their research and shopping on one easy-to-use website. These shoppers first explore numerous educational articles and then use a free solar calculator to better understand the economics of solar adoption. Then, once they are ready to take the next step, consumers decide to join the EnergySage Marketplace to meet and receive quotes from our pre-screened solar installers. All consumer leads are qualified by EnergySage’s team of Solar Advisors to ensure they own their property, don’t have roof shading or HOA issues, and have a genuine interest in solar. The highly educational, comparison-shopping process that EnergySage delivers to consumers results in close rates for installers that are 5 to 10 times above industry norms. Each month, EnergySage matches thousands of solar-interested consumers with its network of 350+ solar installation companies. To learn more about the benefits of joining EnergySage, review the table above and press the “Join EnergySage” button on this page once you are ready to get started.     solar leads graphic

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