Q&A with GoodWe

Q&A with GoodWe

Inverters are an integral part of all solar systems – and the options available to homeowners and business owners continue to expand. One such option is GoodWe, a leading manufacturer of solar and storage inverters globally, with almost 400,000 inverters currently online. GoodWe is a global company, with call centers spanning across eight separate countries. Recently, they entered the United States market, providing inverters for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar installations. To learn more about GoodWe and the products they offer, we asked them a series of questions – here’s what they had to say: 

The history of GoodWe

[EnergySage] Tell us a bit more about GoodWe – what’s the background of your company? When were you founded? Where are you located?

[GoodWe] GoodWe Technologies Co., LTD. was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Suzhou, China. We design and manufacture inverters and storage solutions for the residential market, as well as inverters for commercial, industrial, and utility scale systems ranging from 0.7 kilowatts (kW) to 250kW of both single and three-phase applications. EnergySage note: single and three-phase applications refers to your electrical connection to the grid. Generally, most homes are equipped with single-phase connections while three phase electricity is most commonly found in commercial and industrial entities with significant energy use.

 GoodWe quickly grew to be an internationally renowned inverter manufacturer, with more than 3,000 employees situated in 15 different countries. By the end of 2021, we’ve distributed inverters to more than 100 countries totaling a global photovoltaic (PV) installation of 23 gigawatts (GW).

GoodWe has been considered the largest storage hybrid inverter supplier, and a top 5 single-phase string inverter supplier worldwide by global energy research consultancy group Wood Mackenzie. In 2020, GoodWe became the world’s first non-European inverter manufacturer to obtain the prestigious VDE-AR-N 4110-2018 compliance certificate by TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service. In September 2020, GoodWe was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. EnergySage note: this certificate means that GoodWe inverters have undergone – and passed – rigorous testing that can give you more confidence in their products. They’re also now a publicly traded company so you can look into their financials

 As another positive for GoodWe, following a scrutinous selection process, we have been awarded an exclusive licensing contract for global sales by General Electric (GE). EnergySage note: having the support of a household name company like GE can provide GoodWe customers with greater confidence in their products.

[EnergySage] Why did you decide to open up in the U.S.?

[GoodWe] After seeing success in other countries, GoodWe decided it was time to launch in the U.S. market during the back half of 2020. Knowing the inverter market is dominated by two very strong brands in the U.S., we saw an opportunity to offer customers another reliable, feature-rich and technologically-advanced inverter and storage solution at an attractive price.

[EnergySage] What’s GoodWe’s mission?

[GoodWe] We are determined to become a major driving force in the global energy transition, creating a sustainable future for our planet, mankind, and future generations. We will build sustainable, green communities and create a better future together. As our name states: 

Making everything GOOD
By harnessing the power of WE
We win together

GoodWe’s product offerings

[EnergySage] What’s your most popular product for residential applications? For commercial applications?

[GoodWe] For residential applications, we have three different inverters in our award-winning inverter product line and we offer complete solutions from PV-only to complex hybrid systems (i.e., systems that also include energy storage). The A-ES comes with up to 4 maximum power point trackers (MPPTs) – a type of charge controller – and is compatible with high voltage (80-495V) batteries with a power capacity ranging from 5kW to 9.6kW. Its large alternating current (AC) output allows it to feed critical loads directly, thus eliminating the need for an automatic transfer switch (ATS) in some instances.

For commercial applications, we’re excited to launch our brand new MT series of inverter which is ideal for medium and large-scale commercial rooftop installations ranging from 50-60kW.

[EnergySage] What does a GoodWe set up look like for a residential property? What are all of the components that go into the system?

[GoodWe] For a PV system, the components include one inverter and solar panels, along with rapid shutdown devices. There’s no need to install optimizers as with 4 MPTT’s we can have the PV output maximized.

For a hybrid or battery system, you’ll add the battery and autotransformer. If you’re looking for full house back up, you’ll also need an automatic transfer switch (ATS). Lastly, for an AC-coupled system, you’ll need the inverter and a battery.

[EnergySage] What are the best use cases of your inverter products?

[GoodWe] We have three residential inverters for three separate use cases. They are:

  • A-ES: the GoodWe A-ES is a split-phase hybrid inverter designed to increase self-consumption of your generated solar energy. Our A-ES is compatible with high voltage (80-495V) batteries with a power capacity ranging from 5kW to 9.6kW.
  • A-BP: GoodWe’s A-BP series is designed to supplement an existing on-grid PV system and connect with high voltage batteries to seamlessly upgrade to a full storage system.
  • A-MS: the A-MS is a PV inverter and was conceived to be a solid element of your residential array for the long term. It has integrated Sunspec transmitters to meet the code for rapid shutdowns.

[EnergySage] Tell us more about your battery lineup – what sets GoodWe batteries apart from others in the industry?

[GoodWe] The GoodWe A-ES hybrid inverter and A-BP battery inverters are both compatible with GoodWe’s own SECU battery, LG and BYD high voltage (HV) batteries.

Consumer experience

[EnergySage] What is the warranty claim process like with GoodWe?

[GoodWe] GoodWe offers a 10-year limited warranty for inverter products. GoodWe also believes the best warranty is one you’ll never need to use and we’re proud to say that we’ve heard from distributors and installers worldwide that they report fewer calls on GoodWe products than those received from competing products.

If a warranty claim is needed, customers are encouraged to contact the vendor where the product was purchased, or the installer who installed the inverter for you. If you’re unable to obtain service from your original installer, or were NOT satisfied with their service, you can escalate your service request by creating a service ticket and making a claim to GoodWe here.

In order to deliver friendly and timely service, GoodWe is cooperating with many of our distributors and installers all over the world.

Advice for homeowners

[EnergySage] What should customers consider when shopping for a solar inverter? For a storage product?

[GoodWe] We’d like to first identify the “customer”– we believe our customers are the end users who’ll benefit from a solar and energy storage system, the installer who most likely recommended the system, and the distributor partner who stocked, sold and delivered the components. All levels of customers are getting much more educated and brand-aware when shopping for the components that are going to make up the solar and energy storage system. 

We’ve seen customers want many things including a brand that’s tested, trusted, financially secure, has a very strong emphasis on research and design (R&D) and is technologically forward thinking. They also want brands that are going to offer fanatical support if it’s needed. GoodWe realizes going solar is a significant investment and all levels of the buying cycle including research and post-sales support are equally important.  

[EnergySage] Anything else you’d like consumers to know about GoodWe?

[GoodWe] Although GoodWe is relatively new to the U.S. market, we’ve been in operation for over 10 years and have experienced great success all over the world. GoodWe is financially stable and a publicly traded company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. We’re excited to offer U.S. customers a technically advanced, smart, and proven solar and energy solution for homeowners with additional product offerings coming soon to commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.

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