Party Politics Aside, Solar Power Systems Provide Something for Everyone

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A recent Gallup poll determined that 2 out of 3 Americans want the U.S to put more emphasis on generating domestic energy through renewable sources—And that desire was reflected across political parties. We weren’t really surprised by these findings. When you think about it, clean energy has its perks for almost everyone regardless of their political leanings.







Fiscal Conservatives and Liberals Can Agree on Solar

For conservatives who tend to be concerned about fiscal outcomes, clean energy systems are a sound investment. Take solar photovoltaic (PV) systems (also referred to as solar panel systems or solar power systems) for instance. Increases in property value, decreases or elimination of electricity bills, and the financial rewards of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) are just a few ways that solar panels can deliver sound economic benefits. In many instances, the returns on investment rival those of traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. It’s an attractive option for folks who are focused on the bottom line.

For the more liberal, environmentalism is a pulling factor. Renewable energy is a viable solution to the increasingly palpable problem of climate change. By reducing greenhouse emissions and the harmful practices associated with extracting energy from other sources, clean energy represents an important pathway to a healthier planet.

With Solar, You Rely Less On Government

For those focused on the economy, renewables make significant contributions to the financial health of our country. The clean energy sector represents a strong source of job growth. Clean energy is also a way for businesses to save money, better manage operating expenses, and become more competitive which contributes to job retention across multiple industry sectors. The environmental aspects of renewables also contribute economically, preserving the well being of many industries such as farming, fishing, and tourism that require a healthy environment in order to thrive.

Finally, those who crave less governmental interference in their day-to-day lives connect with the independence that clean energy provides. Property owners who adopt clean energy from renewable sources are far less dependent on traditional energy sources and no longer at the mercy of volatile and increasing energy prices. They become empowered as they make the move from energy consumers to independent energy producers. Likewise, people who support energy independence on the national level understand the global value of adopting renewables locally.

The wide variety of benefits that clean energy provides, whether economic, environmental, or personal, all contribute to the mass appeal of these systems. In a political environment that is often extremely polarized, we love the idea that clean energy could be a pathway to reaching common ground.

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