Top Five Things To Do with Your EnergySage Case Study

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Top 5 Things to Do With Your EnergySage Case Study1.  Convince / Help Others to Adopt Solar or Other Clean Technologies

Research shows that consumers are 24% more likely to implement clean energy systems and efficiency upgrades after seeing them themselves, but schedules being what they are, visiting in person isn’t always possible. Your EnergySage case study, however, is available for review 24 / 7 / 365 allowing people to access valuable data about your real-life experiences living with these systems. Continue reading

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs): More Is Better, But Not Too Much

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SRECNow that you know more about SRECs, you’re aware of the significant benefits they can provide. So, right about now, you may be thinking, if a normal size system generates hundreds of dollars a year from SRECS, why not install a much bigger system that could increase that number by a multiple of 10? It seems like the perfect plan. Continue reading

Do Not Shop for Solar Power Without EnergySage

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BIDDINGNothing has done more to empower consumers than the internet. It’s dramatically changed the way we shop by giving us access to more information and more options.

Today, consumers use websites such as Amazon and Expedia that make it easy to get the information needed to comparison shop for almost anything, ensuring that they always get the best deal for the best quality products.

To effectively shop for solar panel systems, consumers should apply the same principles. To get the solar PV system, price and financing option that perfectly suits your needs, EnergySage recommends securing multiple quotes from a range of installers.

Even if you’ve already gotten a quote, you still should get some additional quotes so that you will have multiple options from which to choose. Having more options will allow you to base your purchase decision on the criteria that matter most to you. Additionally, more quotes also means more competition which is always better for consumers. Continue reading

Boot Your Electric and Gasoline Bills with Solar Panels and a BMW Electric Car

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bmwi3Neeraj and Archana Aggarwal don’t pay for electricity to power their home. They’re also driving a new BMW and don’t pay one red cent for gasoline.

That’s because when they were evaluating solar panel systems for their home, they decided to install a slightly larger system than they originally planned on so that they would be able to power both their home and their new BMW electric car.

The increase in the price of this system over the initial one will be paid back in just two years through the savings they’re banking by eliminating their need for gasoline and the additional solar renewable energy credit (SRECs) revenues it will generate. Because their system will last at least another 20 years after that (some last as long as 30 years), the future savings will go right into their pockets for a long time to come. Here’s how their decision played out… Continue reading

Do Solar Panels and Electric Cars Work Together?

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solar panels and electric cars work together energy sage

Contrary to popular belief, electric cars and solar panels are complimentary goods, not substitutes. Going green is that much easier when you have both!

Shopping for a new car? If you’re looking for one that makes the most financial sense, you should definitely consider an electric car. With high and volatile gas prices, many car shoppers are exploring alternative fuel vehicles such as hybrid or electric cars.

On first blush, these cars may seem more expensive, but if you conduct a full “cost of ownership” analysis, the gap narrows considerably and electric cars may even come out ahead. What’s really amazing, though, is what happens to the cost of owning and operating an electric car when the electricity you use to fuel it is produced by a solar panel system installed at your home or business.  When you add solar panels to the mix, the electric car becomes incredibly economical. Here’s how it works: Continue reading

Another Piece to the Puzzle: Solar Loans Make it Even Easier Install Home Solar Panel Systems

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canstockphoto8562972In 2012, over 83,000 U.S. homeowners installed solar panel systems – a 55% increase over 2011. The growing popularity of solar power has been aided by the availability of financing solutions such as solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs) which have allowed homeowners to install solar panels with either no money down or with only a small down payment. Now, easy availability of solar loans promises to make solar power even more attractive to an even larger number of homeowners, pushing solar power further and further into the mainstream. Continue reading

When Shopping for Solar Power, Time Really Is Money

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If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’re probably already a believer in the financial benefits of solar power. One of the critical benefits of EnergySage is the tremendous amount of time it saves you throughout the entire proccanstockphoto9098193ess of shopping for solar power. When we talk about these financial benefits, we don’t usually assign a monetary value to the time you save using EnergySage, but as we all know, time is money. Ultimately, how you value your time affects the choices you make. Here’s an interesting analysis of how to put a dollar figure on the time EnergySage will save you. Continue reading

How to Pick a Solar Installer

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solar installerOne of the most critical components to a successful solar panel system installation is, of course, choosing the right solar installer. No matter if you are in Massachusetts, New York or California, a knowledgeable and competent installer is key to achieving your financial goals. This is true not just in terms of what you will pay to install your system, but also in terms of maximizing your system’s economic benefits by installing an appropriately sized system, maximizing production levels, taking advantage of incentive and rebate programs, etc. So what should a property owner look for in an installer? Here are some of the criteria that EnergySage uses when choosing installers for our own network of pre-screened high-quality installers:  Continue reading

Save Money with Solar While Helping the Nation Reach Its Carbon Reduction Goals

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carbon_footprintRecently, President Obama gave an impassioned speech asking all of us to “Act On Climate” before it’s too late. It’s no surprise that increased adoption of clean energies such as small wind, geothermal, and solar power will be the driving force behind many of the goals outlined in his speech.

He called upon Americans to take a leadership role in this battle. His plan relies on everyone—individuals, business, government, even utilities—to do their part. While the President’s goals are aggressive, they are entirely doable. It’s also should come as no surprise that EnergySage can and will play an important role in helping to achieve these goals. We can help you save money with solar while working to reduce your environmental impact. Continue reading